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New user and reductil user

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New user and reductil user

Postby Sunkist » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:09 pm

Hello everyone

Joined here to get some moral support in getting down to my goal weight 65kg, ( or somewhere near enough to that ,that will have me living a more active lifestyle) at the moment I am 134kg, am only 165cm, 5 foot 4 tall and small boned. I was 138kg about six or 7 months ago, my heaviest ever. My husband is also bigger than he should be too, 110kg, but he seems to carry it well, but he is more active and way more fitter than I am too. The 4 kilos I lost to get me to 134kg I put down to the diet changes we have gradualy been making. No soft drinks, virtualy no sweets, limited junk food(maccas) to once a month. More vegies than meat, no alcohol or soft drinks. I know I am eating healthy, but just too much of it still.

In consultation with my doctor, she prescribed reductil, see if my weight loss can be sped up from what I am achieving now.

I have in past few weeks starting using my walking machine again too, dusted it off, oiled it, compiled some upbeat tunes to get me going.

I had ran out of procrastinating reasons to not exercise daily, lol,( I should start a thread with that topic.)

I did a lot of reflecting during the last couple of years (divorced,new house, remarried to wonderful new man, other major changes in my life)

For me, I need to do this, lose weight( get fitter) for me, no one else.

Anyway, I have rambled on enough

Hope to make lots of new friends on here, and share and inspire on this journey together.

Re: New user and reductil user

Postby Shay » Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:11 pm

Hi sunkist! *waves*

Welcome welcome! We have a few very inspirational people here who started off 100+ and are now skinny minnies! So if you put your mind to it, you can do it :)
Had my baby girl Leah on 13/12/10!

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1st mini goal: 72kg - DONE!
2nd mini goal: 70kg - DONE!
3rd mini goal: 67kg - DONE!

4th mini goal: 64kg
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Re: New user and reductil user

Postby Sunkist » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:11 pm

Thanks for the warm welcome Shay :D

Well, I don't know about me getting to be anywhere skinny, I never was skinny, and not sure if I could get to be what I was before I had kids (size 10), but sure going to give it my best shot, and keep at it till I get to a healthy weight range that will allow me to lead the active life that I used to enjoy. I realy want this soooooo much.

For me, that is half the battle over, knowing that I realy do want this. Remembering this helps me get off my backside and get moving.

Re: New user and reductil user

Postby Sunkist » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:04 pm

hello again

looks like I have to redo my goal weight after signing into my wii fit after a month, I checked to see my height in cm again, I am even shorter than what I thought I was, lol, I am 160cm tall, not 165cm tall, my husband is that height, and I checked on there what my weight should be for my height, going by the wii fit, my weight should be 56.3kg.... sighhhh, wow, last time I was 56kg was during my first pregnancy.

should I change my goal weight?

Re: New user and reductil user

Postby jazzytazzy76 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:03 pm

Hi there..
I am brand new here..but have just come across your post.
Just wondering how you are going with Reductil?? ..have you had any/many side effects??

Re: New user and reductil user

Postby [email protected] » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:31 pm


I've just joined this site and seached 'Reductil' to see what some of the comments were. Bit of a mixed reaction isn't there?

Anyway I just wanted to be able to post my positive experience so far on Reductil. I have been on the tablets for a week now, my dr gave them to me as a trial along with a prescription for 5 months. I am completly amased at the difference in my eating habits. I wake in the morning feeling really good and have a small bowl of cereal after this I take my pill (otherwise I can't eat until lunch). By lunch time I am looking for something but now it's a salad I crave, you know something light and crunchy, no more sandwiches or heavy left overs from the night before. Again I am satified until dinner time, where I try to cook healthy, low carb meals. - Meat and Vegies, lot's of vegies. But the portion sizes that I can eat have shrunk by well over half and then that's eat no more desire to snack in the afternoon or look for sweets (my biggest weakness).

And now I realise that it's the pills doing all the hard work and that if I came off them tomorrow I would still probably dive into a full block of Top-Deck chocolate BUT!! My stomach must be shrinking and I am hoping if I continue with the tablets for a couple of months and ensure that I only eat the healthy foods that I suddenly desire it has to be an imporovement - doesn't it?

Just quickly thought there have been some side effects - dry mounth (which is fine as I drink so much more water). I did feel anxious & Jittery & had elevated heart rate for a couple of days, but eating something first before I take the pill seems to have solved that and I also find sleeping a little difficult.

I would also like to here from others who are on this pill and how they get on a couple of months down the track.

Kind regards.

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