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Newbie from Melbourne - long way to go

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Newbie from Melbourne - long way to go

Postby waterbaby » Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:34 am

Hello all
I am a mum of two boys in outer east of melb and started my weight loss journey 4 weeks ago.
I have a 35-40kg weight loss goal and have lost now 2.6. (Start weight 103.8).
My first goal is to BREAK 100 - I have 1.2 kg to go to go that and I am hoping and dreaming it will happen before my birthday in 2 weeks time. Its a mental thing... I the three figures have bothered me!!
I have been out exercising (water aerobics and swimming) 2-3 times a week but feel I need to ramp it up.
What do others recommend/do??
As far as food goes, I have eliminated sugar, dairy (because I discovered an intolerance) and at the moment red meat as I am detoxing. I try and get lots of raw fresh fruit and veg and a juice a day but I struggle with that. I am also challenged my emotional eating and have found that eliminating problem foods from the house seems to work, even though I still crave choc regulary.
My ulitimate goal is to reach 65kg - healthy for my body type
BMI is 38 and would like to get to 24
Waist is 100 and would like to get to 85
I have struggled with weight issues for 25 years (I am "only" 36) and want this year that I finally transform.
I hope to find some support and friendship here as I doing this by myself with on;y my husband as all my friends do not understand my journey and the challenges I face.
Hope to be here alot!!
Rachel - mama of 2 boys (DS7 & 2)
SW 104kg
CW 97.5kg
Goal Weight: 65-68 kg
Working hard now! No room in my life now for half-hearted attempts!
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Re: Newbie from Melbourne - long way to go

Postby largemummy » Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:16 am

welcome to the forums you will get alot of support on here every one is fantastic!!
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Re: Newbie from Melbourne - long way to go

Postby sarahm » Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:07 am

hi-welcome to the forums. i have been here nearly a year- its a great place for support and friendship. plenty of us here to encourage and cheer you. the first step is the most difficult-so bravo for making it. look forward to your posts. :)
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