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Hey Everyone...New User!!! :)

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Hey Everyone...New User!!! :)

Postby queen_bee » Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:16 pm

Hi there everyone
Came across this site a while ago looking for some advice and help
I have gained 15 kgs....I am 5 foot 11 1/2....and weighing 93 kgs, which is the heaviest i have ever been
Yes i know I am tall, and can hold my weight, but even tho its not noticeable to alot of people, i cant fit into one or two outfits now
And the weight gain is something to do with my sertraline for anxiety and depression, not so much the pill but more how relaxed I am now and dont seem to think about what i m eating or what its doing....and before i knew it i m 3 dress sizes after 6-7 months of exercising most days and eating well I was gradually putting on more fat...not muscle but fat
last resort i went to the dr amd he has given me duromine .. i am on my 2nd day and so far i would say its working side effects to report yet...and slept well last night
Thought i would introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my weighloss journey, and hope to find and share some inspiration

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Re: Hey Everyone...New User!!! :)

Postby miss_viva » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:07 pm

Hi Queen Bee, and welcome!

Best of luck in your weightloss journey, and hopefully you'll find a lot of support on the forums here :)

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Re: Hey Everyone...New User!!! :)

Postby queen_bee » Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:51 am

Hi thanks for the reply
I hope to find some support here
Unfortunately a couple of my friends aree highly against duromine, one is a former drug addict and the others daughter is a drug addict..oh and another told me hher friend who took it is now a herr addict and lost everything
as much as i take their advice and am thankful i have friends who worry about me, but I am not intending to use it for a long term solution and i did not buy it to abuse it....or buy it off the street like some people and have no idea how its been tampered with.... any sign of bad side efffects and i m not takingi it..
I dont think they seem to understand i have done lots of research and asked many questions and did not jump into anything, and because of my sertraline i know what to look out for or signs that its affecting me badly... and they dnt understand that my anxienty meds are whats changing my thought process to "i dont care what eat i m so relaxed that i m not in control" ...their solution stop taking setraline which is out of the question right now.....if they knew what i had struggled with the last 4 years they mighh have some idea why
anyways thats my rant for today

Day 3 duromine
feeling fine, buzzing a bit, sill sleeping well..a little anxious because of all the bad things i am hearing from friends..but hav lost 2 kgs, but that could be from fluid or anything will see what happens at the end of the week
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