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HI! Im new and have hit a brick wall!

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HI! Im new and have hit a brick wall!

Postby hannah_d » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:45 am

HI! my name is Hannah and I am 21 and living on the beautiful Gold Coast.

I have been at the weight loss game for about 2 years, going from 99kg down to 80kg, and have a goal of 68kg.
Sadly, I have hit a bit of a brick wall! No matter how I change my training program or work through my diet and lifestyle, I cannot seem to shift anymore, INFACT it has creeped up, I was down to 73kg at the beginning of the year. Its a little discouraging, so I have joined this group looking for some extra support and advice :)

Please dont be shy, I am eager for advice and tips!! I would like to acheivce my goal by the start of summer as I have a graduation for Uni coming up and have already bought a dream dress to wear! (yes I even bought it too small as a motivation factor)!!

Thank you!!!! I look forward to meeting you all! :D
~Life is full of challenges. This is just a pebble in my path!!~
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Re: HI! Im new and have hit a brick wall!

Postby starchvader » Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:54 pm

howdy Hannah, you have done some great work so far, well done. i am in a similar situation,i dropped about 14kg then hit the wall at 93kg. Im 38 and have been from a range of sizes the last 20 years from 66kg to 110kg in that time. i was 66kg when i was in the army and very fit - topped the scales about a year ago at 110kg. only when the DR told me my triglycirites were so high im looking at heart attack or stroke before age 40 (10.4 triglycirities and cholesterol level of 6.6) as well as my best mate dying in 2007 from complications from type 2 diabetes at age 37 - i realized i needed to change my ways & to start with i changed my diet over night. went through all the cupboards, pantry and fridge and got rid of all the comfort foods and stuff i knew was making me fat and more so unhealthy. i then went and got a bottle of iodine and started testing all the food i was eating & it was just way too starchy. I went extreme No starch diet and started testing every little thing even veg, fruit, sauces, & anything that gave a reaction and made iodine dark i didnt eat. after 6 months these are my blood test results

11th feb 2010
total triglycerides 10.4 mmol/L
total cholesterol /HDL ratio 6.6
triglycerides too high to be able to report LDL-cholesterol

2nd July 2010
total triglycerides 2.1mmol/L
total cholesterol /HDL ratio 4.9
LDL cholesterol 2.1

im out of the danger zone and side effect was the weight lose....i havent even started exercising yet. So may i suggest that even the most strict diet has its limits on weight loss that brick wall needs to be physically broken threw to get yourself to the next level. *i believe (not sure if true or not) that exercising in morning before breakfast burns more fat than if you were to eat first. if you exercise before there is a food source to supplyyour energy your body is forced to use fat as the fuel source.
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