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Postby rajalot » Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:51 am

Hey Hey All :D
Quick Introduction.
Name's Raj.
18. Perth. Uni student.
Always had weight problems all my life.
It's been up and down alot; lost about 25 kilograms through Anorexia and Bullimia, just over a year ago.
Probably felt the best back then because of the weight loss, even though it wasn't the best method.
Anyways, this year, started uni, and so did the drinking. Learnt the equation:
Uni = Lots of going out = Lots of drinking = Lots of calories = Weight Gain.

SO. Gained weight, and now it's gotten noticeable. For example some shirts don't fit, and suit getting tight.
Was on holidays during Summer, India and all that, bought lots of clothes, all a size small because I thought I would get back and join the gym and lose the rest,
but hey, guess what happened; and none of them fit, and I want to fit them.

I've never been happy with myself physically, and have never got to that point where I can take my shirt off and be confident about it.
Going through an all boys school, it was pretty hard; all the guys took their shirts of the girls and that.
And even though it's not that bad in Uni; you just want to do things like that.
And now I just have to get this into order.
Had a Uni Gym membership all year, but now I'm serious about this. Went three days this week, will follow onto five.

So that's my little Introduction, and hope you guys can be my shoulder on my journey.
I'm so excited :D

Over and out,
Raj :D

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Re: ^__^

Postby Eddie » Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:17 pm

Good luck, Raj, I'm sure you'll find help and support in the Forum and on this site generally. Please keep us up to date with your progress but be very careful about anorexia and bulemia - not recommended weight-loss techniques!

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