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hey ^_^

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hey ^_^

Postby nomi » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:47 am

Hey there!
I'm nomi, I'n nineteen and from Germany (I'm here because in the German weight loss board i didn't feel...accepted. It just felt like everyone was thinking i'm the stupid teen who doesn't want to really loose some i found this place :D) and i weigh 293, writing this makes me feel weird...anyway, i'm here because i really really need to loose some weight (obviously^^) and i hope i can find some pepole (maybe even teenager who are going to the same stuff as me ^_^) to talk to about it and to motivate each other and stuff :)

p.s. i'm at the moment trying to find a diet that works for me personally, i called it asian-gossip-girl diet :p
asian: i love asian food and since sushi or noodle soup is not that bad, i'm gonna try to eat as much selfmade asian food as possible :)
Gossip Girl: i love the tv show and i think the girls look stunning. thats why i hang up pictures of them in the whole house and everytime i want to eat some sweats or something i get reminded how beautiful i want to be and eat some fruits instead (like they always do :D)

Okay...that was my introduction i hope it's fine that i am here and...yea :) if you have questions, ask ^_^ hope to have a great time in here!
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Re: hey ^_^

Postby nomi » Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:51 am

oh by the way :) i just noticed everyone on here is writing in kg, its 133 kg.
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Re: hey ^_^

Postby katt_bella75 » Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:11 pm

Hey Nomi! I'm Kat! I'm 14 years old and I'm 80kg :( I thought seeing as I'm also a teen we could help each other out.I've got a few tips but I'm not sure if they'll be very helpful.

Exercise plays a big part in weight lose. You should be doing something active everyday for 30min - 1 hour. Try joining a local sports team (maybe a sport you enjoyed when you were younger), going for a walk or even going a gym. Walking is my personal favourite because you can pick when you do it and it's free! It's good because it uses almost every muscule in your body but you should always to remember to push yourself. Just don't over do the exercise or you WILL hurt yourself (and none of us want you to do that).

Next is your diet. For the best outcome of weight loss you should be having 5 - 6 smaller meals a day. You should always start of the day with a piece of fruit and something to fill you up, like 2 wheetbix or porrige (see recipes for more ideas). For a snack, I always enjoy a low fat yoget with oats (YUMMY!). For lunch for need to be having something very filling but also healthy. Try this websites recipes for some wonderful ideas or if your going to be out and about for the day try a wholegrain sandwhich with salad and a little meat. When you're hungry again it's time for another snack! Try carrot (and other veggies you enjoy raw) sticks with maybe a little low fat dip. Finally, dinner. You should have a heap of veggies a little protein and the rest should be something like brown rice.

I hope this helps you get a step closer to your weight loss dream!!!
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