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25 yrs old and 143kg!!! wayy over weight

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25 yrs old and 143kg!!! wayy over weight

Postby Jessika85 » Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:44 am

Hey everyone
Im Jess, im 25 years old, and im currently 143 kgs, and 176cm in height, another words im morbidly obese!!!

Since i was 12 years old i started stacking on the weight, i was 17 when i fell pregnant with my daughter and i got up to a max of 88kgs while i was pregnant, but then after wards it piled on, i used to kid myself thinking i was imagining i was fat, but everytime i walked past a mirror or tried on clothes id be shut down and depressed for weeks, i grew up being called all those "fat" names and it got to the point i didnt think i was worth it, that i couldnt lose the weight if i tried.
Sure enough over the years ive tried exercising, and eating healthy but i never stuck to it because i would have that voice in my head taunting me saying im just being a fool, that im destined to be fat for the rest of my life.
Ive let my weight issue destroy my whole life, my confidense and self-esteem is non existant, ive got so many health issues that up until recently i couldnt find a doctor that would help me, he sent me for tests and ultrasounds and with the results coming back i have Hyperandrogenism and NAFLD plus possibly other stuff im currently waiting on results for, i didnt realise how life threatning being morbidly obese could be, it wasnt until my doctor said i either lose weight and get healthy or im gonna end up having a heart attack or stroke, i explained that ive tried losing weight but after a few months with no results i give up, he prescribed me DUROMINE, ive only been on it for 5 days today, so far i havent had quite an energy boost, but with the kick start to hopefully losing weight i invested in a cross trainer so i can workout at home as im to shy to go to a gym or walk in public, im that unfit i can only do a few minutes on the cross trainer here and there thru out the day, but i keep pushing myself to do it, no matter how sore my legs get.

My eating habits have changed alot, i know longer crave all that junk food, i even went out shopping and didnt buy 1 item of junk food in my trolley which has never happened before lol, im only just learning what i should and shouldnt eat, and i know its gonna take me awhile, to get even down to 120kg, but this time im not giving up, i want to be able to go to a shop a try on clothes and not walk away with that feeling of hatred towards yourself, to be able to walk without breaking out in a huge sweat.

I can see my journey is going to be long and hard, esp living in a state that i know no one, so im pretty much on my own, but by reading alot of great stories on here i know i can do it!!!

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Re: 25 yrs old and 143kg!!! wayy over weight

Postby Eddie » Fri Sep 24, 2010 3:55 pm

Hi Jess, Your attitude is brilliant, an example to us all and I'm sure you're going to start to see results by Christmas. Put the past behind you and with a lot of help and encouragement from the forum you'll get there. Keep us informed.

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Re: 25 yrs old and 143kg!!! wayy over weight

Postby katt_bella75 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:00 pm

GOOD ON YOU!!! I'm sure you'll get to your goal weight, just don't give up!!
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