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20yrs.old, 93kg. need to do this

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20yrs.old, 93kg. need to do this

Postby tammy.h » Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:06 am

Hello everyone. I'm Tammy and im new!


When i was little my older sister who is 18 months older was always skinnier than me. And i envied her! She was a size 8 sometimes 6, flat stomach skinny girls! Me?.. I had a little belly.. and a size 10. 55kg to be exact at a height of 5 foot. I'm actually crying as im writing this, because if i knew back then when i was 14(im 20 now) i would have slapped myself and said theres nothing wrong with you!! In 6 years time you will be 5 times the size! But no.. i didn't. I looked at it as, im the younger sister i should be skinner! Yes its only 1 size difference, and she was 50kg and i was 55kg but at 15 you dont think anything of it.. boy i wish i could go back to being that "fat"..


I got my first part time job at mc donalds at 14. I ate crap.. but my apitite was small! A small cheeseburger meal and i was stuffed!! anywho.. i did eat alot of it.. i mean half price!! but i ate little bits.. as the years went on, so did my weight.. BUT NOTHING MAJOR.. when i was 16 i was a size 12.. infact when i was 17 i was a size 10-12. it was after that it all went down hill. i had my yr 12 formal.. size 10 dress... as pictured.. alterd to a size 9 because i had smaller frame at that stage and i looked beautiful. i got offered management which i didnt want but thought of the qualifitcations it gave me, and said yes. free maccas!! so from the age of 18.. until now (20) i slowly gained the weight. in the last 12months ive gained ALOT.. im currently 20 years old, 5 foot 1, and weigh 93kg. yes 93kg. im a size 18. it depresses me alot.


93kg at 20 yrs of age.. how did i let this happen??? all i eat is junk food. maccas. kfc. hungry jacks. pies. hotdogs..list goes on. and i tell my boyfriend of 5 years.. dont let me eat this! and he is stern and says no.. but i get so obsessed and say im craving it please let me and get angry if he doesnt let me.. and then he is the one to pick the peices up when im crying in front of the mirror. i dont know what to wear!! jeans to tight.. trackies is ok.. but summers coming and i cant wear trackies! i wear male jumpers and shirts because they hide my figure! i need help! i snack on chocolates.. anything! ill go thru a block of chocolate in 1 day.. vie had 3 so far in 4 days!!


My partner supports me.. but i need more than that.. i need people who are going through the same thing.. he is also.. but he has just lost 15kgs in 2 months. he can why cant i?? im off work for 5 weeks.. good chance to get fit and not eat.. but i find myself eating more crap.. chocolate etc!! i cant find that motivation to start.. because i love my food.. i dont see instant results and i know u dont but it hurts! im back to work in 6 days. ive got 5 days to lose some weight.. which is impossible!! is it??.. i tried to lose weight before and lost 5kg in 1 week.. water retention.. but shirt is tight.. and im hoping to lose 5kg in 5 days.. 1kg a day.. thats asking alot considering most lose 1kg in a day. i need to excerise but how. Hardest thing.. its my 21st May 1st.. and i wanna be pretty. i wanna wear a dress.. and i cant at my weight. i have stretch marks everywere!! leg, stomach, side, arms.. im worried.. if i lose weight.. will those go away or stay forever? if i do lose weight for my 21st.. will the marks remain.. because thats permint scaring and i dont think i can handle that.. i wanna be prety for my 21st. i look pregnant.. and most days i wish i was so then i had an excuse for my weight. i need to start but were and how :( :( :( :cry:

current weight: 93kg.
Goal Weight: 60kg.

When: May 1st hopefully i can slip into a size 10 or 14. i duno if its possible.

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Re: 20yrs.old, 93kg. need to do this

Postby Eddie » Thu Sep 30, 2010 4:04 pm

Hello, Tammy. Yes, it's hard, isn't it, but it can be done and you've made a start by joining the forum. I'm sure that lots of us in the same - or in a similar - boat will give you advice and encouragement. Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

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Re: 20yrs.old, 93kg. need to do this

Postby katt_bella75 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:52 pm

I was reading your post and it hit me. I'm 14 and you're only 13kg heavier then me! But my goal weight is also 60kg. First you need to cut out all the crap from your diet (the hardest part). Try maybe 3-4 wheetbix with no fat milk for breakie (slowly cut this down until you can have 2). For a snack have a piece of fruit you like and a handful of nuts (almonds are good). For lunch try something like a whomel snadwhich with salad and meat. For another snack some yoget with oats (YUMMY!). Dinner should be 3/4 veggies and 1/4 protien/meat. Green tea is the best hot drink for you. I love/hate it because it is so gross that it takes a long time for me to drink it and when I do I feel so sick that I can't eat anything else. :lol: And it warms my belly up. As for the exercise, try walking. It uses almost every muscle in your body but you have to walk fairly fast. For maybe join a local sport team (a sport you enjoy) or even join the gym. I've found the best way to lose weight is to do something active for ar least one hour a day. I know it seems like alot but it will be worth it! DON'T GIVE UP! I KNOW you can make your goal weight!!! You'll be rockin' that tight (size 10) dress for your 21st! GOOD LUCK!!!
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Re: 20yrs.old, 93kg. need to do this

Postby megz2010 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:42 pm

Firstly stop being so hard on yourself hun. As much as it suks and I know how much it does you need to be at the point in your life where you can be positive and completely ready to loose the weight. I find you really have to be in the right frame of mind to be able to reach your goals. YOU CAN DO IT! Start by making some slow cut backs in regards to food and do some exercise each day even if its a half hour walk its better then nothing. Cut back on food that is high in fat and try replace things that are high in protein. For dinner I always found having a salad and meat was the best for me, I would make a bowl of salad (lettuce, carrot, cheese, capsicum, mushrooms, onion, betroot, egg etc) and cut my meat up and put it on top of the salad. This leaves no room to have any extra carbs on my plate and seriously I would be so full afterwards I wouldnt wanna eat anything else. After you have dinner try drinking a bottle full of water. It fills u up even more and makes it better for the waistline to wash away fat etc. Lunch mayb a nice chicken and salad wrap. You dont have to fully eliminate carbs you just have to watch your intake. Cut back to mayb just having a row of chocolate to get rid of the craving. Have lots of fresh fruit for sugar cravings it sounds boring but it really does help. Allow yourself to have one cheat day where you dont go overboard but get to indulge a bit in something you love. Also find a type of exercise that is right for you. The gym isnt for everyone, maybe you would be more suited for a nice walk at the beach or a fitness class and encourage your partner to go with you. Its tough darl but you will get there :) All the best and good luck! xx
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