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Hello :)

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Hello :)

Postby sexytobejessie » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:49 pm

Hi Everyone.

Im Jessie 20 year old, 165cm and I weigh 87.2kg ( my heaviest weight ever)

This weight business is never ending for me ive always been bigger but not overly, but in the last two years I have really packed it on. I quit smoking last year and I also had a baby but I only put on a few kilos when I was pregnant I put more on afterwards.

Basically Im sick of being FAT.
So in the past month I have been to the doctor and had blood tests which confirm my thyroid is fine so when I went back yesterday I was perscribed Reductil 15mg capsules but when I went to get my script I was told this product was taken off the market two weeks ago. So this morning I went back to the doctor and was perscribed Duromine 30mg capsules. Now I realise Duromine can be very spacey and there might be quiete a few side effects but its worth a try. I was only given a months supply and then i go back for a review.

At this point in my life my goal is to be 60kg by the time im 21. I am also joining the Police next year so I would like to be fit. I have been going to the gym and doing very intense work out classes for the past two months so I have put on any weight but maintained it.

My question to you would be how much weight did you lose in your first month and any tips to help me along my way.

:) thanks
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Re: Hello :)

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:37 pm

Hi Jessie, welcome to the forum!

Just in case your doc was running short on time and didn't get a chance to talk you through it, make sure you chat with your pharmacist about the possible side effects so you can make an informed choice. Duromine has recently been banned in Europe because of serious health effects, you may decide it's worth the risk, but make sure you make that decision based on the info that is known.

Basically it's about energy in v energy out. Various factors will affect how your metabolism manages itself, but that's what it comes down to. The best practice guidelines recommend about 1kg loss per week is safe and most likely to lead to long term maintenance of weight lost.

All the best with it!
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Re: Hello :)

Postby HippyJess » Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:38 pm

Hey there Jessie.
This is a bit weird!
My name's Jess, my starting weight was 88 and my goal is 64 or so.
I'm also 165cm's tall.
I'm also taking Duromine 30's.
The biggest difference is I'm 32 :)
In 3 weeks I've lost 4 kg's.
Just thought our coincidences were funny!
Nice to meet you mate 8)

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