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Hey!! :)

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Hey!! :)

Postby jessie91 » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:26 pm

Im new to the forums, i was just browsing weight loss chat about duromine and came across this website. i am using duromine tablets 40mg and ive lost 6kg on my first lot im on my second lot and my goal is 20 kg before christmas im drinking lots of water and eating reguarly and healthy, just wondering if anyone on here has done duromine 40mg and has had really positive weightloss. Also what are some exersize routines that i can do to burn tummy fat faster? THANKS GUYS! :D
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Re: Hey!! :)

Postby Carly :) » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:33 pm

Hey there Jess and welcome!

I may not be much help but i did try reductil, sadly i had to be taken off them as i got
bad stomache cramps and could not sleep as of fast heart beat and palpitations, sounds
like you are going well on your tablets :)

I think a really fun way to lose weight is by boxing, or bike riding, as these are both cardio - yet you feel
like you are doing something else rather than exercising. Another way to get rid of tummy fat is, i found that i felt less bloated when i cut
salt from my diet and only have a tiny bit twice a week. As salt makes your stomache look bigger as of the fluid retension.
Cardio is the way to go for losing weight, just find something that interestes you, swimming is also fun :)
Carly :)
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Re: Hey!! :)

Postby jessie91 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:40 pm

thanks carly :) yeah i like to do spin classes theyre alot of fun. i dont know if i have heard of reductil does it have the same intentions as duromine does?
thanks for your advice !
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Re: Hey!! :)

Postby marni » Sat Nov 06, 2010 7:23 pm

hi Jess
reductil was similar but not as effective and has been withdrawn due to health concerns
I am also on Duries - 30mg have 8 tabs left from my first lot and have lost about 5,4kg... I had to go off them after 9 days because i had a rash which turned out to be unrelated to the Duries... but after back on them after a weeks break they dont seem to be working as well... i dont get as thirsty - get a little hungrier and never get that "stoned" feeling.. but i am still hoping to continue with them - may even see if i can go to the 40s for the next script
U seem to be going really well .. hope u get your christmas wish :o)
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Re: Hey!! :)

Postby jessie91 » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:04 pm

yeah when i first started duromine i was prescribed 30mg it didnt really help me as much as i wanted so i tried 40mg and i had a few side effects of insomnia and feeling tired aswell! but after a week on them i was fine i seem to get a dry mouth if i dont drink lots of water so im always hydrated and my job involved physical work so lifting bending and things like that so work is just one of my workout routines :)

congrats on loosing that amount so far i wish you luck for the rest of the time :) i had a break after my first lot then got a new prescription i dunno if the second lot is working as well as the first lot (probs coz i slacked of for a few days :P )

but this week im trying out different gyms around my area should be fun :)

and thankyou i hope so too by christmas i am hoping i am at my dream weight or if not a weight that leaves me with more confidence to get there! :)

Good luck to your journey of forfilling your dream weight too! :)
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