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Newbie... to the forum not weight/health issues

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Newbie... to the forum not weight/health issues

Postby Shoshanna » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:09 pm

I've battled with my weight my whole life. I'm 42. Been real skinny and then real 'not'. ;) Learned that my weight does not determine who I am nor should it determine my level of peace and happiness. In fact I've learned a lot throughout my weight issues... just not how to be consistent with staying at one weight! :lol: I've probably lost 200 kgs throughout my life... losing is isn't the problem- the fact that they always find me is!!! :roll:

Long story short: After trying everything known to man I had a Gastric Bypass in 2000. Lost 65kgs. Got skinny. Also became unhealthy. Loads of health issues. If I knew then what I know now I would not have had it done. Instead I would have tried other programs like Body for Life or censored, but we live and learn eh?

After getting to an unhealthy looking 63kg (I am 175cm) I am now back to 93kg and I'm not happy there. I'd like to be 80kg. The silly charts all say that is still heavy for me but it is where I feel most comfortable.

A few years ago I went on my own Fit n 40 Quest as I was sick of my state of fitness. I went to the gym and was going great guns... even went back to sport. Until I did my knee in again... spent several weeks in agony and limited movement until I had surgery. (It's my second knee op). I lost 10kgs and got quite fit and strong during my Fit n 40 Quest but I just can't seem to find it again, after my knee op.

I'm back to being unfit, sore, tired and unhealthy and sick of it. Even though I constantly start I am not going to let that stop me. The only quitting is when I don't start again. Because of my GB I can't eat a variety of foods (can still drink way too much milk and eat way too much chocolate and cheese!) and have found that the censored program is achievable for me. So that's what I'm going for. My main issue is that I do not eat and my metabolism is shot. So the BT program helps this by regular eating. I'm not ready to go back to the gym yet but the daily walking is also achievable.

So here we go!
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Re: Newbie... to the forum not weight/health issues

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:50 pm

Hi Shoshanna, welcome to the forum. You can only do what you can with the circumstances you have. Make the most of the options you have and you should be fine!
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Re: Newbie... to the forum not weight/health issues

Postby Classychic » Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:00 am

Welcome to the forum Shoshanna!

CC :)
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