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Hi, wanted to introduce myself

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Hi, wanted to introduce myself

Postby masm » Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:22 pm

Hi All

I just joined and wanted to introduce myself.

I started on my weight loss journed just over a year ago when I weighed 86kgs (when I was brave enough to step on the scales) and was only just fitting into a size 18 :oops: I am now down to 68kg and a size 10-12. I have about another 5 - 10kgs that I am struggling to get rid of.

I do kickboxing several times a week as well as some weights and running and we eat pretty healthy bar some chocolate now and again :D

Look forward to chatting to you all soon and hope to pick up some good tips :D
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Wed Oct 25, 2006 1:56 pm

welcome masm

it sounds like you are doing really well. its always hard to kick those last few kgs feel free to join in where and when u like and grab yourself and funky ticker to motivate you!
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Postby Ally » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:38 pm

Hi masm and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss so far! You have certainly arrived at the right place for motivation. Feel free to join in anywhere you feel comfy with!!
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Postby Ed » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:39 pm

Welcome Masm,

Kickboxing is great for weight loss and fitness.

It is also good for building up your confidence which can some times get very low when you're on a weight loss journey.

More people should try kickboxing to lose weight and get fit, but it is something you need a base fitness level for or you should definitely start off slowly until you build your fitness level up - which shouldn't be very long!

If you are going to try kickboxing, go to a proper kickboxing gym. Don't think that just because a personal trainer or gym instructor has a couple of punching mits and a kick bag in his or her toolkit that they will be able to teach you kickboxing.

There are actually some very important techniques to learn and practice, especially if you ever need to use it for self-defense.

On a positive note, the techniques involved are few in number and relatively easy to learn compared to more intricate forms of martial arts so most people get up to speed really quickly.

Welcome again Masm, I look forward to reading about you losing those last few kilos and what works for you.

Ed. :D
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Postby KimE » Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:23 pm

Hello Masm and welcome to the forum.

Well done on your weight loss to date that is a fantastic achievement. The kickboxing sounds like fun.

Best of luck with the remainder of your weight loss journey. :D
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Postby Dolly » Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:30 pm

Hi masm,
welcome to the forum.
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Postby tanya » Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:56 pm

hi masm. sounds like you have done really well losing your weight. good luck in losing the rest that you want to. look forward to chatting to you some more on here. :D

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Postby hushpuppy » Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:06 pm

Hi masm and welcome to the forum . You have done an excellent job on your loss . Hope to see you around the forum
Cheers Jules
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Postby masm » Fri Oct 27, 2006 11:00 am

Thanks all for the warm welcome! :D
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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:19 pm

Hi masm and welcome to the forum!
All this kickboxing going around!! I've heard it is really good too.
Hope you find the forum as supportive and informative as I have
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