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Outta this "shell"

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Outta this "shell"

Postby KatieBaker » Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:20 pm

Hey fabulous people!

I'm Katie 24 years old... before college i used to be of NORMAL weight...but first year of University... bamm! 8kg gained... then now i've graduated and at my heaviest of 69 kg... with a height of only 153 cm.. checked my BMI its 29.5 - Overweight!

I've exercise now and then..and experienced some minor weight loss.. but due to my eating habit and inconsistency in exercising, so far not a very satisfying result. so in hope with me signup here, i will be more motivated to actually exercise MORE!

Since last week i enrolled at the gym for unlimited aerobic last week i went 3 already.. this morning after i woke up in the morning, i exercise with the Hot Pants Workout DVD for 45 minutes. Aiming to go for a jog again later for about 30 minutes and to aerobic class.

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Re: Outta this "shell"

Postby brendan » Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:30 pm

Hi Katey

Welcome to the forum.

Only you will know the answer, but don't you think you might be trying a bit too hard. If you burn yourself out with too much exercise you will be tempted to give up on it. Just moderate amounts of exercise and the weight will start to come off, it won't come off as quickly as mine has been, because I have a lot more to lose. But you should be happy if you can lose about 2kg per month - do it by eating moderately and healthily, and exercising moderately and you are setting yourself up to keep the weight off long term.

I believe the BMI can lie if are of muscular frame, indicating that you are overweight when you are not, but I gather that is not your case?

All the best

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