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Newbie in need of advice please!

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Newbie in need of advice please!

Postby jessmeow » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:21 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm Jess, I'm 23 and I need some serious help and support. I've been trolling around this forum for a couple days and I thought maybe some people here would be able to help.

I apologise in advanced because this is probably going to be a little lengthy and ranty.

So I've been on the weight loss bandwagon since the end of July 2010 and up until a couple months ago everything was going swimmingly. I've been going to a (small) gym 6 days a week for one hour and while I didn't start a 'diet' I did change my eating habits with help from the gym owner. I started at 145kgs *facepalm* and as of now I'm around 18kgs down. HOWEVER, I have not lost ANYTHING for over 2 months (maybe even closer to three months) and I just don't know what to do! This is where I need help.

I've recently started the Womans' Weekly 21 Day Wonder Diet to try to shift my plateau, before that I tried eating more and eating less, still nothing. I've also changed my routine at the gym and for about the last 4 or 5 days I've been doing a exercise dvd at home called 'Walk Your Way' that goes for about 20 minutes but alas, no change. It has taken me about a month for the scales to consistantly show a loss of ONE kilo, otherwise I just float around the same amount, up two, down one, down nothing, nothing, nothing, up one etc...

I need help because I'm really losing faith in my weight loss. I've become a lot more confident and positive since I started in July to the point where I've bought small sized clothes because I "knew" I would fit into them eventually but now I've lost almost all hope and pretty much have no confidence again. I'm back to where I started where I don't want to go out in public, I hate myself and I feel like I have no future. I'm supposed to start university at the beginning of March but now I don't think I will because honestly I feel very anxious about being in public and being teased and looked at like I was in school by other people. I don't even want to go shopping anymore whereas a few weeks ago, I was really enjoying going out shopping. I felt like I could go into the clothes stores made for smaller sizes and nobody would be judging me but now I just think they're all looking at me saying "Honey, we don't stock clothes in 'your' size here". ACK!

My cousin is getting married in June and it's at the point now where I'm considering not even going because I'm to embarrassed and worried people will think I've been slacking off when I've been working my freakin' ass off.

The worst thing of all is that I'm not changing shape anymore either. My aunty has lost over 50kgs ( :D !!) in the last 18months or so and while she is having a weight plateau of her own she continues to shrink in size, just not numbers however I am not. Most of the clothes I wore before I started still fit and I feel like I look pregnant.

What really pushed me into writing this was today at Kmart I was looking through Michelle Bridges 'Crunch Time' book and she said that after three months training people who need to lose over 50kgs should already be at their half way mark! I'm not even close in over 5 months! My first goal was to loose 20kg by Christmas but, obviously I didn't make it. And I thought that was a very reasonable goal considering I started in July.

I honestly don't know how I haven't given up already. Last week I wasn't feeling this down about it and I'm worried if nothing changes very soon I will give up completely.

I would just love to get some advice from anyone here or even stories about your own plateau experiences. I've read a few stories on here last night but they all seemed to only plateau for say a week or two then everything was fine. I feel like because I have SO much to loose, it should be falling off now and I shouldn't be struggling until nearer my goal (which is most people’s experiences).

Anyhow, again sorry about the longness (and whinyness). I look forward to reading your responses :)

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Re: Newbie in need of advice please!

Postby CronicBadger » Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:14 pm

Hi Jess

Weight loss is a fairly scientific procedure. It's about forcing the body to use up the energy stored in fat reserves. The plateaux are natural, and there are a number of causes, ranging from the body fighting back by reducing its energy consumption to increased muscle mass replacing the fat (muscle is heavier than fat). Generally, if you are not losing fat, then its because your body does not need the energy stored in it.

Exercise has less an effect on fat reduction than diet. Do you know what your energy needs are? Do you know what your food energy intake is? As a person loses weight their energy requirements become less. You may simply be eating more than your body actually needs at this stage of your weight loss.

Weight-loss plateaux hit most people. They can be overcome. They're not some mystical, unfathomable event, but a simple physical situation that can be studied, understood and then overcome.

For more information: ... ateau.html
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