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It's time for a change :-)

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It's time for a change :-)

Postby Bex » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:06 pm


I'm Bec, I'm 31 (nearly 32!) and I've had enough of being "overweight/chunky/chubby/solid"(solid is by far the worst I think!). I've had enough of sitting her lurking and not participating too! :oops: I currently weigh 90kg, and at 1.67m my BMI is 32 - Obese. I want - I NEED - for that to change. I have a 2 year old girl who's terrific but deserves a Mummy who can run, jump and dance with her. My husband deserves a wife who takes better care of herself too. I deserve this; my self-esteem, my confidence deserve this. So, here I am to learn what I can from you all and lose this weight once and for all. I was 72kgs in grade 12 and I'd be ecstatic if I could be there again (though funnily enough I didn't think this when I was 17 lol). At 72kgs I'll still be 10-odd kgs more than my 'tall and skinny' husband but I can handle that. :D

I know I need to "adjust" my diet; I eat too much of the wrong things. :oops: I have had a quick look at the diet section of the website and will be investigating further. I know I need to exercise more as well. I was going to Curves however due to a few 'girly' medical problems my dr has veto-ed that for now. I need to dust of the treadmill and get my money's worth!

Is there anyone out there willing to keep in touch, to keep each other on the right path? Email or I'm on messenger too. :wink:

Looking forward to getting to know some of you, and of course sharing our weight-loss journeys! :-)

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Re: It's time for a change :-)

Postby SkinnyBride2B » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:20 pm

Hi Bec,

Im 24 and joined last week. I weigh 92.9kg and looking to lose weight for my wedding. I would love to keep you accountable and offer encouragement on a daily basis - God knows i could use that too.

Ive done this whole weight loss thing before (82kg down to 66kg in 2006) but after finishing uni and living (and eating) with my partner, im at the heaviest ive ever been.

I started this commitment on 1st Jan 2011 and have lost about 5kg so far.

Would love to hear from you and find out more about your story! I have no doubt you can do this - its all about the right frame of mind (and i think you have that already).

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