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Another Newbie here...need help from fellow dieters!

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Another Newbie here...need help from fellow dieters!

Postby dylbella » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:59 pm

Hi everyone :)

Im Emma...24 years old and a mum of 2 beautiful kids, I have a 6 yr old son & a baby daughter who turns 1 in March...Id like to add a bit of my history if you guys dont mind.

I was overweight for alot of my childhood until about 14 years old when I developed Bulimia which eventually also borderlined on anorexia. I lost 30kg and maintained my weight of 53kg for 4 years until I fell pregnant with my son. I gained 30kg because I finally had to eat again for my unborn baby. So since having him Ive struggled with my weight. Since giving birth to my daughter in March I have been on and off Duromine (Weight loss drug) At my 6 week check up decided to ask for Duromine..I weighed 67kg at the time and when I began the tablets I lost 5kg. That is all..after months and months of taking them I started GAINING weight..hence being back to 67kg. I honestly think its because I am not eating enough as Im lucky to eat one proper meal per day and have started gaining. I am hoping someone can give me some advice as to how I should go about this. I want to be healthy and lose wieght at the same time.This year I made the decision to start improving my life, living for ME a bit more, not just my kids...getting fit and getting an education.. Im starting Bachelor of Nursing at Uni in a few weeks and just want to feel good before I start..the better I feel, the more confident I become, which means the more I can achieve..Sorry for the novel but just looking for some inspiration, motivation and some tips if possible....

Thanks everyone...........

Emma :)
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Re: Another Newbie here...need help from fellow dieters!

Postby Eddie » Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:22 am

Hi, Emma, welcome to the Forum. I'm sure you'll find some helpful advice here and good luck with the studies, by the way.

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