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Newbie - Decisions to make

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Newbie - Decisions to make

Postby pinkkat » Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:16 pm

Hi all!

My name is to this forum..

I'm here to learn from people's experiences...I've been overweight for most of my life..and now my DH and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while. I've been diagnosed with PCOS.

I went back to my specialist last week and she basically gave me an ultimatum to either get a personal trainer at least 3 times a week or to have lap banding surgery...she seemed to think lap banding was the best option for me...
Then I went to the GP to get a referral to look into the possibility of lap banding and he suggested I go on Duromine and not have surgery...

I've also been seeing a dietician for almost 12 months now...

So I'm confused, unsure and looking at all the possibilities.

Thanks :D
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Re: Newbie - Decisions to make

Postby thinkingthinner » Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:26 pm

The thing that I have discovered is there is no easy solution and no magic pill...right of mind and plain hard work

I too have had a weight problem all my life and I know I can lose weight but didnt have enough motivation to keep going there was always something going on in my life to drag me back into bad eating excuse when you think about it..

Had a friend of mine use Duromine yeah she lost weight while she was on them but suffered from heart palpatations which would of scared me not to take them ...then she stopped using them and now has piled the weight back on.

I would think of lap banding as the ultimate and I mean ultimate last resort I have meet people with good and bad experiences of having it done...I just put it done to me being lazy... come on its only food so why does it rule our lives so much

For the last 4 weeks I have lost 8kg ..this time I feel right about trying the weight lose game again and my motivation is a long awaited holiday .

Your motivation would be your dream of a little bubby ....I Think you will succeed with just that thought in your mind.

Wishing you all the Luck
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Re: Newbie - Decisions to make

Postby fatloss101 » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:22 pm

Pinkkat --

Unless you as obese as those people that are are unable to leave their houses and have to be forklifted out - I would not choose surgery.

Surgery - should be the very very last resort and furthermore - what is the long term prospect of surgery. After surgery you'll still be overweight and it may do very little to change your lifestyle - which is what is most likely causing you problems.

I know it is cliche but you need to look seriously at your diet and start exercising regularly. Work with your dietitian to come up with a diet and stick to it. By the way - the best diet is one that you can live on for the rest of your life.

And I would also seriously consider a working with a personal trainer if you can afford it. They can guide you as to the best fat burning exercises as some exercises (e.g. aerobics) though useful, are not the best for fat burning.

I suggest you take certain supplements to support your fat burning efforts.

First one is omega 3 fish oil. As a matter of fact, obese or not, this is one supplement everyone should be on daily -at least 3 grams. Make sure it is pharmaceutical grade fish oil as store brand fish oil tends to have a lot of impurities and gives you that fishy burp.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil will help to metabolize fat and along with exercise, will help you drop fat faster than if you were just to exercise alone.

Make sure you are taking your antioxidants daily to help quench the free radicals that are elevated with regular exercise.

Drink whey protein. It will help to control your appetite and support muscle growth

Finally - make sure you are sleeping well. Bare minimum 6 hours of restful sleep daily but preferably 7- 8 hours. There are few things that can slow your metabolism as much as inadequate sleep. Sleep is critical not just for losing fat but for a healthy cardiovascular system as a whole.

Good luck Pinkkat
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