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I am back, starting again...

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I am back, starting again...

Postby waterbaby » Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:40 pm


I am back after a year. I lost 7kilos in around 3 months and then put it all back on. I stopped exercising, fell back into emotionally eating again and everything came undone.

I am now back and I have a question from others who track their weight regularly. I was weighing in weekly, but each time I did it just freaked me out. If I lost weight, I was on top of the world for days and days. If I didnt, it just RUINED my day and onwards. Just over a number! So then I stopped weighing in weekly and did it monthly, but I wasnt responsible in that time and I was up and down all month and then hope I had lost something. I am now considering weighing in daily to try and take the effect of the number - make it a non-issue etc... Or perhaps I need to just try and adjust my coping mechanism in the weekly weigh-in?
How do others track and cope with ups and downs?

See you around!
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Re: I am back, starting again...

Postby PraetorAuron » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:53 am

Alot of the time, what really helps me, is tracking what I eat, and portion control.

Lets say, for arguments' sake, I get Chinese take out, I limit it to twice a month, to make sure that I'm not over-doing it, allwhile treating myself. If I find out that I'm going up the hill, I restrict it further, and fill the void with my favorite fruits and veggies.
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