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Dropping 17-20kgs

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Dropping 17-20kgs

Postby kandi6 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:47 am

Hi there everyone,
I'm new to this site. I literally signed up about 1 minute ago lol. So here's a little about myself... I'm 19 years old. I have always been a very fit, athletic, sporty kind of person. I have been swimming at an elite level since i was 8 years old and only started swimming when i was 7.
3 years ago, I became very sick and was unable to continue swimming. I would usually train 10 times a week for 2 and a half hours each session, as well as 5 gym sessions a week. I was very fit. I had what everyone called a "body to die for". I didn't have the typical swimmers body though, as I have quite large um... assets up top lol. I have been nick named Pamela Anderson and such.
Anyway, the last year and half has been pretty hard and I let myself go so much. I've always had a fairly good metabolism, but when I saw pictures of myself at Christmas time, I was so shocked. I never realised how big I had gotten.
Now to tell you my weight isn't exactly a fair go. I've always looked like i weigh a lot less due to muscle weighing more than fat etc. But, to give you an idea, I used to weigh 55-58kgs. I was a size 6-8 (but moreso a size 6). I was quite small and now i weigh a wopping 77kgs and fitting into a size 10-12. A few weeks ago, I weighed a huge 83 kilos and was barely fitting into a size 12. When i hit that point, I felt so ashamed.
Some of you may be thinking i'm whinging or that it's not that big of a deal because a lot of people would like to be a 12 or whatever, but i've always been into fitness. I've always had this standard... And now it's hidden beneath this mass :/ haha
Anyways, I started trying to lose weight a few weeks ago and it was going great, but the tablets i was on to help supress my apetite were giving me sleep insomnia and headaches. My body couldn't do the exercise I wanted to do because I didn't have enough energy. Something bad happened as well and I sort of went off the rails and just didn't care. So i didn't put on anymore weight, but I didn't lose it either.
Now i REALLY want to lose it. I am down to 77kgs and have another 17-20 to go :(
I am also heading to the Army soon (i hope) and need to get fit for that too! So, it's not just a personal thing, but it's also a career thing too.
I will weigh in on Sunday night/Monday morning and let everyone know how i'm going, but I came on here looking for ways to keep me motivated. I hope this works!!

:) xo
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Re: Dropping 17-20kgs

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:52 pm

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a heap of stuff going on medically and emotionally. Hope you find a way to sort through it and reach a healthy you.
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15kg gained again (as at October 2010).
Back to the drawing board - Let's do this thing!

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