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Middle aged and FAT yet again !!

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Middle aged and FAT yet again !!

Postby Mitch » Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:24 am

Note this is a repost from mens

G'Day All,

Mitch is my name. I have just joined and thought i would share a little of my story.

I struggled during my youth with massive weight problems. I stripped most of my weight at aged 10 then by 13 or 14 was up to 160kg's .. Which is massive for a 5'11" guy. I dealt with the cruelty of the kids at school and all the teasing tthat comes with carrying so much weight. By 16 I was still very depressed and around 125kg's .. I would wear crazy loud hawian shirts and try to disguise myself as the fat happy guy. At 19 I was down to 90kgs and really started to meet women and gain some confidence. I soon learned that growing up 'the fat kid' was quite a healthy thing for my personality as my sence of humour and final understanding that I was a good person and nothing anyone else said or did would change that.

By 25 I was once divorced and going to the gym 5 times a week and a really healthy 82kg's with girlfriends ranging from a runner up of miss inside sport to an former actress.

I met my current wife at age 30 and we had 3 beautiful girls, unfortunately for me I let myself go and blew out to 120kg's again. It just seemed to creep up on me. But I intented to rectify it as my lack of motivation and personal care was drasticaly affecting my marriage.

Well here I am 37 and down to 96kg's with another 14-16kg's to go but really starting to feel good about myself again. It is certainly alot harder this time, but there is also alot more out there to assist with the weight losss.

I dropped 20kg's by going to a Colonic Irrigation studio and following their eating plan (which was so simple and did certainly not starve me in any way shape or form).

The Colonic Irrigation was an interesting one for me as my backround is as a beer drinking car salesman. The last thing I was expecting was to be laying on a bed 'cleansing' my colon. I tried 2 different systems one where they force fed water and another where water just naturally drained by gravity. The latter is far more comfortable.

I am sharing this with you people for 2 reasons .

1/ Personal health and a desire to better yourself is nothing to be ashamed of

2/ I hope to share the final 1/2 of my journey with like minded people.

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Re: Middle aged and FAT yet again !!

Postby JP1 » Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:45 pm

Good luck, you seem to know whats been good for you weight loss wise over the years..
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Re: Middle aged and FAT yet again !!

Postby Mitch » Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:44 pm

yeah but it gets harder the older you get ... less computer games and more walking to my destination is a ripper start
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Re: Middle aged and FAT yet again !!

Postby Mitch » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:44 am

Added some pics of me on this site. Still got a ways to go but damn i did get big.

[link removed. Please feel free to post your photos here, but do not link to promote a commercial site]
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