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New Member: not new to weight loss

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New Member: not new to weight loss

Postby setmac » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:52 pm

Hello to everyone,

My name is Maddie and live in Perth Western Australia right near the international airport.

I started my weight loss journey on the 6 August 2010 weighing in at 103.6Kg, my current weight is 72Kg.
I came on here for support as I only have 3 months to lose a further 10Kg as I would like to have my surgery to remove my apron tummy. Has anyone had that done on here?

I have been in touch with the surgeon and providing I lose these 10kg he will do the operation for me in Melbourne.

I used a few methods to lose this weight but all of the methods have been done with food, no shakes.
The first 8 weeks I used superslim, then went on maintenance for six weeks eating only the allowed foods set out on their list. I lost 12kg. I did try another round of superslim however the weight just stopped, so I decided to try another program.

My next challenge was finding something that sounded to go to be true however let me tell you, it worked. I found a site called [Removed Commercial Link] saying that if you take this Hcg you will lose up to a pound a day, providing you do exactly what you are told to do.
I said yes I can do this, I read everything 3 times to make sure it sunk in and that I wouldn't get it wrong.

This diet is not for the fate hearted, it takes in durance and strength to get through the first couple of weeks, but once you pass that 2 weeks, your body is so used to alot less calories.

I did the 45 day challenge and lost a further 13.4kg, followed by maintenance of 6 weeks.
I then did another round of 45 days and lost 6.2kg, followed by maintenance. The reason for not losing more was because the doctor asked me to try the real stuff for 3 weeks and I didn't lose a thing, so I went back to using my hcg and lost 6.2 in 3 weeks.

The Hcg drops I use are homeopathic ones.

I am currently on maintenance and complete maintenance tomorrow and Friday the 8th I start another round of Hcg. This time I will be doing 3 week rounds of 21 days taking hcg then 3 days no Hcg, three week breaks, then start again.
I'm no longer using the [Removed Commercial Link], I use the ones that are now available in Perth or you can buy them on the net.

I understand this is long however its better to get all of this out in the open as to what I have used and how I managed to lose my weight.

I not promoting anything just stating the facts on how I lost my weight to date.

As I stated before all of it is done with food with the help of a few things to shift the fat.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Kind regards
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Re: New Member: not new to weight loss

Postby CronicBadger » Thu Apr 07, 2011 2:05 pm

Congratulations Maddy, 31 kilos is a good amount to weight to lose. By "apron", I assume you mean the leftover flabby skin (one of my concerns) that doesn't want to shrink back naturally?

I was curious so did some research on hcg. Independent medical studies indicate it is about as effective as a placebo (in double-blind trials) and that positive weight-loss results are most likely attributable to the accompanying diet, strictly focussed food regime and appetite suppressants added to both the injected and homeopathic versions. In other words, you can probably thank yourself, rather than the drug's dubious efficacy, for your excellent progress! :-)

There are some older messages in the forum that have discussions about surgery such as you're considering - try the search option (top-right area of the web page) using search terms such as "surgery", "skin", etc.

I'm definitely interested in how the skin situation progresses, since that's a problem I'm beginning to encounter and am wondering how other people are dealing with it. See you around.
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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