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Hi everyone :)

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Hi everyone :)

Postby Jenlee26 » Mon May 02, 2011 12:37 am

Hey everyone,

My names Jen, I've never been on a forum before so this is my first time.. I'm starting my weight loss journey as of tomorrow, and I'm hoping it's going to be the start of a new life for me! I've been heavily overweight for about 5 years now, which all started after getting into a long term relationship with my fiancée, After many dinner dates and movie nights I am now paying for it as my weight almost doubled within 6 months! We have a 3 year old daughter together and she is the main reason I'm wanting to change my life around, as I'm sick of her having to suffer because of my problems, not to mention that my health isn't too good either.. This isn't the first time I'm starting a diet, but I am hoping it's going to be the last! I think it will do me good sharing my journey and reading about others, as I don't have anyone that can actually relate to what I'm going through, and I don't think people can realize how hard it actually is unless you've been in this situation yourself. So I look forward to talking to u all :)
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Re: Hi everyone :)

Postby Talien » Mon May 02, 2011 9:47 am

Hiya Jen and welcome to the forum.
I put on a good thirty kilo's after I met my fiance, I think happiness breeds indulgence a little too well haha.
Good luck with your weightloss :D
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Re: Hi everyone :)

Postby fitfor30 » Mon May 02, 2011 1:23 pm

Hi Jenlee,

i'm new to this too. i joined yesterday. Seems like a good way to start a long term weight loss goal- putting it out there and getting support is hopefully going to work for us.

good luck- love to hear all about your journey. have you seen the 12 week challenge.... i'm going to do it. it starts today, you just have to post your weight and a goal weight in the challenge post thingy.

well.... good luck to you!!!!!!

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