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The new girl

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The new girl

Postby lovergirl » Wed May 04, 2011 12:39 pm

Hi everyone


So I’m 26, female from Sydney. After having lost weight 3 times over the last 10 years through silly methods (duromine, other illegal drugs and partying, short term diet & exercise and not having a long term plan) I have finally lost 15.9 kilos over a year through sensible diet and recording EVERYTHING I eat and drink, and exercising.

I hit a major plateau about 3 months ago and realized I HAD to change something. I knew what the answer was for a loooong time but for some reason was scared to face it. I had to give up Alcohol.
Even though I stuck to a very clean and vegetarian diet I was binge drinking (and chain smoking) every weekend and even some weekdays. What a waste of the hours spent in the gym! I would drink copious amounts Vodka & Cranberry juice or Red Bull (yuck!) or red wine and then kid myself somehow that it’s ok.. Even though I knew exactly how many calories I was consuming, I just never considered them as real calories (??!!)

The first weekend was hard.. well not hard, but seriously boring. But now I am so glad I had the strength to let go of something that was gripping me so tightly and I didn’t even realize it’s stronghold until I let it go.

Anyway, since I stopped the binge drinking, my weight loss has gotten back on track and my body has changed in noticeable ways. At my highest recorded weight (this particular time) I was 86 kilos and I’m now 67 (I do remember being around 100 kilos at one time). My current goal is 63kg.

I am really interested in weight training because I don’t just want to be thin, I want to be fit, strong and healthy for life.

I have never joined a forum before, but I really want to meet other like minded people, because my friends are the types of people with lightning fast metabolisms who live on KFC and never exercise, but still stay thin lol
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Re: The new girl

Postby lovergirl » Wed May 04, 2011 6:22 pm

Oh and just to clarify, when I call Duromine a 'silly' method I mean my particular use of duromine which was more like ABUSE rather than use.
I'm not dissing Duromine if used properly along with healthy diet and execrise.

I would pop a duromine one day, eat nothing, drink vodka to get to sleep, next day eat whatever I wanted to to make up for eating nothing the day before, then repeat lol no wonder that didnt work for me!
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Re: The new girl

Postby CronicBadger » Tue May 10, 2011 8:00 pm


I have just done the same thing - plateaued, realised I was taking in too many kilojoules on the weekends due to alcohol so stopped drinking it. Often I would purchase a six-pack of "low carb" alcoholic apple cider and a bottle of wine on Friday evening, then consume the cider and half wine over the next two days. That's about 5000Kj over two days!

Having kept a daily food diary since March 2nd, 2010, I'll add my vote in favour of this method. As long as a person remains a disciplined and honest diarist it serves as an excellent tool.

Enjoy the forum!
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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Re: The new girl

Postby fitfor30 » Thu May 12, 2011 7:20 pm

Hi newgirl,
I can relate to so many aspects of your post! I still drink each weekend, although am starting to realise it's effect on my weight loss! I have also tried all of those 'bad' things to help me loose weight in the past. Suppose it's good that we've realised nothing works as well as good old exercise and healthy eating!
your weight is similar to mine too, im at 66 at the moment.... was 74 last year. I joined here about 2 weeks ago and the forums have been good. I love sharing stories and happy to support you in ur weight loss.
What exercise are you doing? I've been loving body pump classes at my gym, great for strength training! been super sick this week so haven't been :(
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Re: The new girl

Postby Metalcharm » Thu May 12, 2011 10:10 pm

I was never a huge drinker but when I did: I did it properly :oops: When I started my new healthy plan I pretty much stopped drinking as well. It wasn't hard to do really - the worst part was trying to convince people that I really didn't want to have a drink and there was no need to try and force it down my throat. Haven't had a drink for nearly a year and I'm pretty sure i haven't missed out on anything wonderful because of it lol and have saved myself a good few hangovers and a good few kilos worth of beer.

I'm currently focusing on weight training too. I'd love to do body pump classes but live no where near a gym. I did do one class a while back and it felt great - you could tell it worked muscles that I hadn't for a while. I hurt for days though. Pretty much I bought myself a set of weights and do at lest half an hour of weights a day plus about the same as cardio as well.

I am really interested in weight training because I don’t just want to be thin, I want to be fit, strong and healthy for life.

Excellent attitude!!!
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