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Time to stop making excuses

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Time to stop making excuses

Postby DVee » Wed May 25, 2011 11:24 pm

Hello all,

New here obviously. Hoping this site can help me stay on track and get myself in shape.

I'm 117.9 kg, 33yo and 6'3 tall. Last weighin was Monday. I've already lost approx 2kg the previous week. Typical cliches to follow
I was extremely athletic in my youth, and started to put on the weight in my mid 20s once I gave up sport from injuries.
I have a tiny petite wife who "loves me just the way I am" even though she's remained slim after two kids
I work a high stress office job and eat "on the go" often
I LOVE beer

Now that's out of the way the reality is, I miss being athletic. I miss being proud of my body and I miss feeling good. I'm positive my wife loves me, but while she never says it I'm sure she'd love me to be much slimmer and healthier. My job is high stress, and time is limited but I eat crap on the go because I'm too lazy to prepare a decent meal in the morning.

I've started eating healthier, exercising daily and have so far managed to lay off the alcohol. Luckily I'm still able to move relatively well, I guess I'm naturally more Jack Black (fat and agile) which seems to help.
I'll be doing a weekly weighin on Mondays and hope to keep seeing progress. Not looking to shed the weight overnight, I'm quite happy with slow and steady lifestyle changes.

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Re: Time to stop making excuses

Postby wobbles » Thu May 26, 2011 3:07 pm

gday dvee....ouch beer..that'll do it.....if you want to keep your beer... 8) you make better eating choices......what sort of on the go foods do you eat?? curious.....i have changed my habit from 2 peices of toast at breaky to..a bowl of present i eat small bowl of just right......and i wait for at least 2hrs before my next meal/ tryn to make it fruit.....pear season at moment and i do like my pears.....and lunch time.....i try go a salada with tuna and maybe lettuce and tomatoe....there are plenty of little snack kits you could probably look into that are not so fattening....i surf diet groups online...and see what recipes or what they suggest for meals...and try go with sipping my green tea.....right now...tryn to motivate myself inot...thinking thin and making it happen....good luck too....oh if you snack at the office...get some fruit and nut mix.....and always havea bottle of water hearby to sip on..... :D :D :idea:
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