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Spun out by the Lifetime Battle

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Spun out by the Lifetime Battle

Postby lalalea » Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:43 pm


My name is LaLa (no, but yes) and I weigh 123.3kgs (as of last week) and I have never been this heavy. I have always been heavy though. And I have always been in denial. And just writing this had brought me to tears. All 23 years of my life I have been the fat one. In my group of friends, and in my family. I have not always been the out of shape one. Or the one that LOOKS the fattest, but I have alway been the fattest. And until now I have been plodding along, with half arsed, short lived attempts to lose weight occasionally.

I can't honestly say what has changed now. I joined a gym last week for the first time in 3 years. And I'm actually enjoying going, I'm doing interval training which I am finding enjoyable, has anyone had success with interval training here, or has experience with it (good or bad)?

I'm scared I won't stick with it this time. I'm scared all I'll see in my wedding photos will be my fat. I'm scared when I get pregnant I won't have a glorious baby belly. I'm scared I'll get bigger and bigger.

I'm sick of being the way I am, mainly because of the way others treat me. I may be crazy, but sometimes I feel people treat me differently because of my weight and judge me harshly. Just the other night at work I wasn't included in the invites for the work basketball team. What, because I wouldn't want to? Or because I couldn't? Man it stung.

I'm not unmotivated. I'm not "lazy". I'm a Registered Nurse in one of the top 3 busiest Emergency Departments in NSW and let me tell you it wasn't roses getting here. I've traveled S.E.A alone. I've reached all of my goals.

I have a beautiful boyfriend, who adores me. And I wanna be my best for him. And to be honest his new found fitness goals have done something to motivate me.

I suppose I am looking for some support here. I would never openly discuss my weight with friends/family because I feel embarrassed and defensive.

Thanks for reading and I hope to enjoy being an active member of this forum :)

FYI I am now 122.6kg today and 170cm tall.


LaLa :mrgreen:
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Re: Spun out by the Lifetime Battle

Postby CronicBadger » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:26 am

Hello LaLa

Perhaps you've decided once and for all to fix the problem of being too fat. Losing weight is difficult at first, but does get easier. You just have to stick with it.

Use the forum - there are ideas in abundance for staying focused and motivated. Activities, progress reports, mental tricks - you just have to keep chugging along. It will take time of course, but small losses each day add up and one day you'll be down to a healthy weight and obtained a set of good eating habits along the way.
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