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20 year old, Newbie :)

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20 year old, Newbie :)

Postby chubbythighs » Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:25 am

Hello all,
I am a 19 year old (turning 20 in December) and I am determined to lose weight. I have had body image issues for almost my entire life and I have been saying that I want to lose weight since I was about 16! But I have always given up half way through. However, this time I am very determine to lose weight. Especially since I want to cut down at least 10 kilograms before my 20th birthday.

My biggest obstacle I have to say will be my chocolate addiction. I am extremely addicted to chocolate and I will have without a doubt at least one chocolate bar a day. However, I am going to cut down on my chocolate. (If anyone has any tips please let me know :) ).
I am sure once I am able to overcome my chocolate addiction, losing the weight will be much easier.

I really have to do this right time. And I have to persevere through this even if I'm not up to it, I have to be motivated and I am sure this forum will help me with it. I think losing the weight will help with my confidence. I have very low self-esteem and I know that if I lose the weight I will feel better about myself.

So, here is to a new lifestyle :)

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Re: 20 year old, Newbie :)

Postby CronicBadger » Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:27 am

Hello CT

Chances are that if you don't lose the chocolate addiction you won't lose weight. Choc is full of energy that's not required when trying to burn fat. As for tips to stay away from it - I treated it as a poison, holding a chocolate and just imagining it eating through my body, dumping fat around my heart and its sugar overload poisoning my organs. After a few weeks of this (and not eating the chocolate) I no longer had cravings.

As for the self-esteem: losing weight will help, possibly from the sense of self-control and achievement through overcoming tough obstacles. There may also be a few other causes you may have to address in other ways.

And yes, it really does require a "new lifestyle". See you around! :-)
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