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Back on the wagon

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Back on the wagon

Postby TimidTulip » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:23 pm

2 years ago i was here with very little motivation. Now i'm back am kicking my own butt into gear to shed some kilos.

A bit of background info.
I currently weigh 118kgs and am 5'7 short.

I'm a sahm but all kiddies are at school so i have no excuse to not help myself lose weight. I can take a stroll around my tiny rural town, or a brisk walk around the disused footy oval across the road. I have a wii fit and wii fit plus that is permamantly set up and just this week have decided and started to use it regularly. I don't have access to a gym, it's over an hours drive to the nearest one. I did do curves a few months back before moving towns and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can slow jog 2kms so am not entirely a couch potato who can't move, it's just motivation that holds me back :(

I don't have any health problems apart from a problem with eating. Some days i'll eat anything and everything, other days i won't eat a lot. According to Calorie King i can have 1880 calories per day. I'd say carbs are my biggest downfall. I don't have an overly sweet tooth. I can do without lollies and chocolates. I do eat fruit and veg but not enough. I mainly drink water and have 1 coffee and 2 black teas most days.
I do enjoy a few beers (low carb) on most Saturdays. Being a small farming town with only a pub for entertainment the social life for many here is drinking at the bar while catching up with neighbouring farmers.

I think that's all.
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Re: Back on the wagon

Postby JaredAdam » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:57 am

Hi Tulip,

Thanks for sharing. I definitely know how hard it is to be motivated. One thing that worked for me was just knowing why I wanted to lose weight. I had a few reasons but the main one was for health reasons. I had high blood pressure (family history) and I didn't want to take meds. I knew if I lost enough weight and watched my sodium intake, my blood pressure would be normal and now it is. Of course not feeling like a beached whale while sunbathing was another motivating factor, but I think you get the point of knowing your "why."

From there it looks like you should be fine. You lost the weight before so that means you can do it again. Choose a diet plan that works best for you and just stick with it.

Hope that helps : )
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