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Hi, Im new here. Starting on Metermine tomorrow morning!

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Hi, Im new here. Starting on Metermine tomorrow morning!

Postby amie_b79 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:30 am

Hi Everyone,

Im starting on Metermine 30mg tommorrow morning. Im looking for others who are also taking metermine, duromine or phentermine to share the journey and give advice and feedback. Im 32 currently a stay at home mum with 2 kids, one at school and one at home. When I was younger I was always a healthy 70-75 kg.

I am now 128 kg and 171cm tall. After my first child at 23 yrs I weighed about 94kg and after a stressful relationship and breakup I was down to 55kg at one point, which was personally too thin for me. I dont know how I did that one but I did, I'll put it down to stress.

Then I went back up and have continued to gain since I met my current partner... Then I had my second child at 28 and packed on alot of weight, up to 112kg after pregnancy. Over the last 6 years my partner and I both gained weight nearly equally since we started seeing each other...So now Im 32 and 128 kgs and extremely uncomfortable.

So Ive tried, shake diets (YUCK), cutting out all bad food (didnt last), regular exercising (too painful at this size),
Jon Gabriel Method (interesting but expensive) Detox (YUCK and painful)... I took duromine 15mg once before after my second child but didnt stick with it but I did manage to lose a few kgs...I always manage to lose a maximum of 10 kgs and then I relapse or get bored and gain it all back plus some. My family does eat alot of healthy meals, fruit and vege. But we also eat alot of bad food and arent very active...its not for lack of trying, I go for walks, bushwalks, the park etc just not enough! On Monday I actually rode my bike to the daycare to pick up my youngest! Im telling you now my butt was NOT happy about sitting on that tiny seat for nearly an hour! So thats why I asked my doctor to prescribe Duromine to me, to give me a kick start on my weightloss and get back into a healthy eating pattern and exercise routine.

This time Im going to do it RIGHT! Im in different frame of mind and I have set goals and I feel like Im going to achieve them. So the doc gave a me a script and Im on my way on a new journey...Im excited and nervous! :)
Hope I can share it with others on duromine or metermine, look forward to chatting to you all.

(Dont know if I have to start another topic just related to duromine/metermine or even under what index, so Id love some advice on how to do that and where????)

Thanks, Amie
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Re: Hi, Im new here. Starting on Metermine tomorrow morning!

Postby Wockets » Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:29 am

Welcome :) Wish you all the best on your weight loss journey! I was on Duromine but it didnt work for me like literally. Had all the side effects but no weight loss so I gave it a miss. A lot of people have had good experiences and some bad so I hope it works for you :) A docter recently told me (I work in the medical field) that if you take duromine ect go back to sleep for one hour and it will have a better effect on your body! So who knows!

Regardless, there is heaps of orsm advice on this site and difinately some good tips and reads. Don't forget to keep us posted on your journey!

Luff Fee x
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