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Just another newbie :)

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Just another newbie :)

Postby Sniggles » Sat Nov 12, 2011 5:11 pm

Hi there

My name is El, I'm 28 and jumping back on the weightloss/diet/healthy living bandwagon once again (probably for the millionth time, no less) I have tried just about everything imaginable, repeatedly and either I plateau or just give up because it seems "too hard". My GP referred me for lapbanding in January 2010, to which we found out recently that there was still a 2 year waiting list. After initially refusing Duromine based on the cost and mixed reviews, I relented and accepted the prescription.

My starting weight was 123.4kg, my all-time heaviest being 130kg.
My weight today is 111.1kg, 5.5 weeks after starting the Duromine and adapting much healthier eating habits and exercise.
My goal weight is 55kg.
My main motivations are to look better, feel better, and to marry and start a family with my partner.

So far I have finally understood and learnt that there really is no quick fix. I don't have to cut everything out and impose ridiculously difficult restrictions that are impossible to stick to. I can eat well, and often. I can still make food that is delicious and appealing and it still be healthy. I don't need the energy drinks, the coffee (hot or iced), the mindless/boredom/comfort binging on chocolates, chips, whatever was handy. I have really started to read into food and its nutritional value, what affects this or that has on my body, what I need and don't need. I am educating myself more and am excited to keep learning.

I have actually enjoyed getting back into exercising as well, which for me is not something I ever thought I would say! I look forward to trying new things and seeing what works and what doesn't. At the moment I am walking as much as possible, taking the stairs where I can, purposely choosing routes that have hills etc. Moreso lately I have started to see it less as a "chore/hassle" but as an escape, as a means to get away from everything and lose my thoughts in the music playing on my ipod. I am amazed at how far I can walk without hurting, without having to stop, without feeling like I'm about to die.

Whilst I realise taking Duromine is not a "forever" thing, it has helped me develop a good routine, one that with each day that passes, I feel more and more confident I can uphold once I stop taking it.

So I just thought I would introduce myself and I am excited to get to know people who are also on the weight loss path :D
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Re: Just another newbie :)

Postby CronicBadger » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:57 pm

Welcome El

"...there really is no quick fix"

Exactly. Of course, people like to think there is one and then get disillusioned when they discover the reality of weight-loss, which is a hard slog, and in the long term requires a change in the mind, discarding all the lifelong bad habits that led to the weight-gain in the first place.

The process justs needs dedication and perseverance - and the ability to just shrug off the occasional failures and continue instead of using it as an excuse to give up. And you're right about making it not seem like a "chore" or a "hassle". Weight-loss, especially when losing a lot, is a positive life-changing experience and should be treated as such.
Striving to improve in every way possible.
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