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New and ready for action!

Postby JoBaby » Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:10 pm

Hi all :)

I'm just starting on the long road of pulling myself together and becoming a healthy kick ass chic lol. I've been reading some of the amazing stories on here and they are just so inspiring, I thought I just have to have these kind of people supporting me through this, they are so wonderful. I'm 28 (29 in a month eek) and I currently weight just over 74kilo, but I'm also very short, so this is hanging round me like a sack of potatos. I am also a sever asthmatic and since I put on the extra weight it has played havoc with my asthma which used to be easily controlled. I have also come to the realisation that I am no longer the spring chicken who can eat what ever she wants and not put on weight, Now as I get older, I'm going to have to work for it lol. My doctor has reccently started me on duromine (30mg) and a healthy eating plan and I have been to see a personal trainer who has laid out a plan for me (start with him next week). My doctor is amazing and I think I may have chewed her ear off with a billion questions, but I figured its my body and I need to be completely in control and that's what I'm paying her for anyways right lol. So I am feeling happy about the move onto the duromine, we had been working together for a few months on just changing diet alone and mild exercise, but with my asthma being as bad as it has been I am limited to more strength and toning and hardly any cardio for exercise. So she suggested the duromine for two months to see if we can drop a bit of the weight, improve my asthma and fitness and slowly build up the cardio until I can go full throttle lol

I have had duromine in the past about seven years ago for two months for the same reason and found it helped fantastically. I was then able to work out and maintained my weight for three years before I had my first child. Then everything went out the window lol. Due to 'all day sickness' for the entire pregnancy the only thing I could do to stop myself from being sick was eat, and although I ate reasonably healthy - My portion size and the sheer amount I was eating on my tiny frame caught up with me again. And so my son is now two and after trying everything and losing and gaining and losing and gaining I have made a concious choice that this will be it.

So thats why I'm joining this forum. I think my past downfall has been trying to go it alone, and after reading some of the stories on here I couldn't believe that I had become more motivated in an hour than I had been in months. So I can't wait to get to know you all :)

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Re: New and ready for action!

Postby miss_viva » Sun Nov 13, 2011 2:21 pm

Hi Jobaby,

Welcome to the forum and best of luck with your weightloss plans. Keep us posted on your progress! Hopefully you'll start dropping the weight soon and find that your asthma improves :)

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