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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Postby Happygirl84 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:14 pm


Im just writing this to introduce myself to you all.

Ive been on a huge weight loss journey since August 2009 and I am one with a good story and a happy ending!

I have been overweight for 95% of my life. Not just 5 to 8 kilos overweight but at my worst (in the early 20s) I weighed in at 116 kilos! :oops: Now Im 163 cm or 5'3 in the old language so clearly I was in a dangerous position and needed help.

I was at my heaviest when I left University. I was so embaressed and hid at home every weekend, so embaressed with my body. When I got home, thankfully my Mother recognised that I needed help and with her help at home I went from 116 kilos to 94. I stayed at 94 kilos for 3 or 4 years. My family have also been going through a 10 year divorce between my parents and I've been estranged from my Father since I was 18. This legal case has gone on along time and as you can imagine, it did cause alot of hurt and pain and at times unhappiness as a family :cry: . At one point in 2009 I was arguing with my sister (also living at home) so much that my poor Mother had had enough of my bickering with my little sister and sent me to a counsellor.

I was dubious as to what this counsellor did for me but I have to admit it worked wonders! :) Within a month I was feeling so much better and I felt Id really turned the table on the depression I had and family issues. After that I began to realise my huge weight and body size was a culmination of my depression, my relationship with my Father amongst other things. I realised I had a life to live and my counsellor helped me to see that I couldnt do the life I wanted in the body I had.

So one miraculous day I called an old friend of my Fathers (amazing how these things occur isnt it?) who owned a gym in my home town and I asked him for help. I went in to see him the next day and he took one look at me and said..'right, I know you and your father and I know we'll clash so I have another employee of mine who is very good at his job and will get you the results you need!'

I met my personal trainer in the same session and we developed a plan. I'd do 3 sessions of gym with him a week and 3 walking sessions a week and stick to a strict diet of protein, vegies, fresh fruit and low gi carbohydrates. I'd have a weigh in session once a week and I would continue to see my counsellor. Every day was a struggle and some days I didnt want to go to the gym or counsellor or even eat well. But my Mother and my sister were my biggest supporters and when I went to Thailand in November 2009 (a reward for my efforts) I was weighing in at 79 kilos! I got off the plane in Melbourne on my way to Bangkok and my cousins couldnt believe it when they saw me! :) 15 kilos in 12/13 weeks! Amazing!

When I got back from Thailand I realised I still had more work to do. I was still feeling big and frumpy (especially on my frame) and I wanted to achieve more in terms of weight loss and fitness requirements. Within the space of 6 months I had gotten down and maintained a weight of 72 kilos and hit a plateau majorily (in September 2010).

It was only then that Coach Craig had one final challenge for me! :wink: He also had a running group which met on the same days that I walked. How convenient! After much convinving I joined up and began to run with them! Running did its trick and I lost 5 kilos in the space of 8 weeks! 8)

Over the past year I've levelled out at 67 kilos (which is a good weight for me and my build) and I still do weights 3 days a week and running on the three other days. I spent 8 weeks in Europe and Singapore this winter (July/August/September) and managed to keep the weight off through diet and walking. I've done 3 or 4 fun runs this year and each time I improve on my personal best for 5 km runs. In July I did a 10km fun run and was thrilled when I did it without stopping!

I am so happy in life now. I can tell you that I have reconcilled with my Father and my legal dramas and fat days are over. :P I am not only happy but I actually feel Im a better person having gone through the struggles I have.

On the weekend I was in a bar and I was talking to a nice looking guy and had to stop myself from thinking 'Why is he wanting to talk to me? Is it some kind of joke from his mates?'

He wanted to talk to me! YAY! :D

I dont regret the major effort Ive put in to transform my life and feel better. People who havent seen me in 18 months often cant believe what I've achieved. The best compliment Ive ever had is that I look healthy!
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Re: Hello everyone

Postby Roblyssa » Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:28 pm

Wonderful story! Congrats on your weight loss and for keeping it off. Good for you running the 10km run, and it's really great news that you have reconciled with your father.

All the best

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Re: Hello everyone

Postby Malaya » Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:22 am

Hello everyone............
I am Malaya and i am newbie in this forum.Join to say hello to all.Glad to be a part of this forum.
Hope i stay and enjoy in this forum.
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