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My New Easier Weight Loss Adventure

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My New Easier Weight Loss Adventure

Postby Soulful Dieter » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:56 pm

Hello All,

Up to a new time dieting/losing weight again. This time there are some new things I have never tried or done before. I'm not convinced this time will yield results, but that's the beauty of my laissez-faire attitude. If I don't lose weight after a few weeks, I'll do another review instead of giving up. I already feel better now that I know there is less pressure when I eat a gram of carb and then hopefully I won't be so sad that I've so terribly failed that I won't then throw in the towel and binge. BTW when I say binge I mean eating a regular bowlful of pasta, and maybe a pancake, with a scoop of ice-cream. A meal many ordinary people seem to eat every ight and not get fat. Aka my husband.

Another difference is my husband is for the first time prepared and offered without me asking to give up some foods all-together, to get rid of the in our house for the sake of my diet. This has not ever happened before - I've always had a visual and available temtation. I wish it hadn't taken him this long to realize that that step of him giving up things and joining and sporting me on a new level was pretty much nescessary for me to diet again, and to hopefully make it much more successful. BUT I'm thankful he has finally realised it and it could have been later or a few kgs on.

My husband is an amazing, lovely, giving guy but he is also in love with chorizo, pork, pasta, and hated anything but full fat products. Now he's realised that he must give them up. Anyway, he eats breakfast and lunch at work every day so he can get a decent fix there without me.

I guess you dieters want the facts? That's what it's all about for some right?
I'm 88kg, 3 weeks ago I was 86kg. I have been 86 all year, had probably a few 88kg spikes but they scare me so much I get back to 86 by remembering to eat healthier. I did the French protein-dairy diet and it worked I lost 5+ kg in a few weeks, but then I was on a 2 week holiday where we ate out and I thought as I'd lost 5kg I might only put on 1-2 as a result of eating out not the full 5kgs back. Plus the protein-dairy was just TOO boring, but it's been my favourite diet to date, the tastiest and easiest.

So basically because it worked so well in most areas I thought I'd just try to fix the bad areas as best I could and see if it still works. Sounds simple. Hope full. (but secretly realistic)

I hope to be 68kg as a goal. A year? Sooner?
I was 56kg at my lowest adult at 22, and maintained 65kg for a year or two eating normal but healthy, with exercise once a month (the frequency I like), 2 years ago before I got married. Yes I married a naturally skinny, chocolate souffle loving guy. And went from poor student to working (aka had money) cooking girl loving her partner with food. He didn't put on anything.
I'm bored of these facts already.
Size 16
Orange toenails

Don't tell me to do more exercise - I haven't found something that I enjoy enough. I'm buying a bike this summer to ride and be my exercise. It's the only exercise I persisted to enjoy in my adult life.
Don't judge me for being a Christian. Don't think of me as any different. Don't stereotype me - I'm a very liberal person. But I do love to talk about love, life, and how my faith could be interesting to you.
Expect a "before" swimwear picture. I have one. I may post it. I may not. Probably after I'm thinner. So shoot me.

Say what you think, without a filter
Share yourself no matter how different, weird, etc. you think you are
Enjoy my posts :D
Soulful Dieter
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Re: My New Easier Weight Loss Adventure

Postby Soulful Dieter » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:57 pm

Forgot to sign off.

Love Emma
Soulful Dieter
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Joined: Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:18 pm
Location: North Sydney

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