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New guy from Sydney.

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New guy from Sydney.

Postby Chrisw » Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:53 pm

Hey everyone,

I stumbled across this forum while surfing the net and decided I would sign up. It looks quite decent and should prove as a good motivation as well as an interesting setting to discuss the healthier side of life.

My background;
Skinny young child that soon porked up before puberty, maintained quite an unhealthy weight through to the end of highschool. Although I am somewhat tall (6'2) I did carry a high bodyfat percentage. Around age 20 I joined a profession that required a certain level of fitness, with some hard work ended up bulking up and slimming down to around 16% bodyfat.

Recently; the last 2 years have been a bit of a mistake on my behalf, sedentry lifestyle and poor eating choices with shift work reflected in my weight, shooting to 119kg. Unsure of my body fat percentage but it was quite high. In the last 5 months I have worked my backside off, mostly in completely changing my diet;
1. No more soft drinks or sugary drinks
2. Water as a priority
3. Juice occasionally
4. Light milk each day (currently strength training but don't want to switch to full fat yet, plus I love dairy).
5. Diet consisting of mostly fresh vegetables, attempting to avoid too many starchy ones. Some lean meat occasionally each week and healthy fats such as those in avocado. Zero snack foods, zero fast food.

Exercise has mostly been Strength based;
Deadlifts, squats, free weight training and bodyweight exercises. I really hate running so my cardio has come from burpees and some amusing bodyweight exercises, however I would love a rowing machine one day. No gym memberships (bit intimidated, also wary of contracts).

Currently 88kg and with a bit of fat to lose still on my stomach and tricep area. Maintaining a 500 calorie deficit on my BMR. Long way to go to a swimmers physique but I am happy to have come this far and refuse to go back.

Well that is enough about fitness, about me? your typical gent from Sydney, really should have more of a social life however spend it mostly reading, learning new things or improving my cooking. Just enjoying a period of life where I am single, and it has given me plenty of time to spend with my parents and self improvement.

Hopefully I can learn from all of you, and participate in as many topics as possible.

Cheers and will be back!
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45Re: New guy from Sydney.

Postby Mayden » Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:28 pm

Hi Chris,

Welcome to the forum, I am new here myself, I felt by putting myself out there it would help. Congrats on your fantastic weight loss, keep up the good work.


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Re: New guy from Sydney.

Postby MissyMay21 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:07 am

Welcome Chris :)

You've done incredibly well in the last 5 months, and are so determined!! I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress, so keep us updated :)


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