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Where do I start.

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Where do I start.

Postby firechic » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:28 pm

Hi there, my name is Linda. I am a 41 year old single mother of 2 kids B16 and G11. I work full-time, and trying to keep stuff in order. I am 130kg, 165cm tall and am so unhappy that I have let myself get like this. I eat for comfort and especially at night when the kids are in bed as I don't sleep well, so just raid the cupboard. I am totally disgusted with what I am doing. A little bit more about me is that I came out of a violent relationship a few years ago which my ex was also a drug addict. And due to this relationship used food for comfort as it was the only thing which gave me any comfort. Then 4 months after the seperation the town I live in, was devastated by the Black saturday bushfires. In the weeks post this event I again found comfort in food.
I am now pre diabetic and have a high blood pressure. I had lap band surgery in July 2009, which has not worked. As I am by myself I find it so hard to push myself to diet and exercise. My daily routine also makes it so hard to get out as I am out at 7am and home at 5pm mon-fri, and by the time I have arranged dinner, dishes, clothes for the next day it will be 9 at night and I am totally buggered, but I then I am lucky to sleep 2-4 hours in the night due to nightmares and I have PTSD.
I want to find a special someone but know my weight issues hold me back, and before you say "it doesn't matter what you look like", thats a crock, and some people will tell you and be very crude.
I am desperate for someone to help me I am at my wits end, to lose the weight. I don't know if anybody out there can give me any tips, I don't know where to start. I want to live for my kids and know if I don't do something sooner rather than later, it might be too late.
Can anybody help me? Any tips would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
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Re: Where do I start.

Postby SugarandSpice » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:57 pm

Hey Linda,

Welcome & I am sure everyone here will help with tips and advice to help you along the way!

I started here a few weeks ago and am nearly the same start height and weight as you... I am just 4 cm's taller... I have lost nearly 5kg's so far - so it can be done!!

I am sorry things were not good for your previously and you have nightmares. Comfort eating seems to be something many of us have resorted to over time for varying reasons. I am a single Mum also with 3 kids - Mitchell is 18, Casey (B) is 16 and Maddison who is 14. I don't work any more as Mitchell needs full time care. I know how difficult it can be do do everything on your own and also how nice it would be to have someone in your life, but I agree people don't want someone who looks like me!! Society has become VERY focussed on looks and fitting in to a specific image. BUT - we can change, we can become slimmer and more confident!! We know that we are great people and for those who can't look behind the outside shell - tough luck to you I say - you missed out!!

What sort of things are you eating at night as comfort food? Can you remove it from the house? Can you find something else to occupy you? Sipping water? puzzles? anything that occupies your hands and mind? Do you see a counsellor for the PTSD? (sorry for all the questions)

Have you talked to your kids? I have not told anyone that I am making changes other than my kids - they are very supportive and encourage me.

My suggestion is to start small... baby steps lol. I think trying to change everything at once becomes overwhelming and we end up giving up as it seems to hard. Some people though have no trouble making major changes and sticking to all of it - so if you are like that then go for it!

I started by eating breakfast. I have never eaten breakfast before and it was difficult at first. Each morning I made myself toast and felt ill even looking at it, let alone eating it, but it has been a few months now and I eat breakfast pretty much every day ( there has been an odd day missed due to circumstances outside my control).

You can choose anything - whether it be starting to eat breakfast, drinking at least a litre of water per day (increasing over time), increasing your physical activity - just pick one thing you can improve and start there!

Get an online calorie counter - you get get ones like myfitnesspal that also connect to your mobile and you can enter what you eat each day and any exercise you do. They give you an amount of calories that you should consume to lose weight - if you can't stay under that straight away or everyday - don't give up - just keep at it and it will get easier!!

I would also suggest that where possible you look at what you are eating - is it the healthiest alternative - e.g battered fish vs grilled fish?? and portion sizes are important too.

I think you should congratulate yourself for making a very positive first step in joining the forum and wanting to get healthier!!

Good luck and I will be here to support you in any way I can

Take Care
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Re: Where do I start.

Postby Mayden » Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:30 pm

Welcome to the forum Linda, Vicki has about said it all, this is a great place to chat with other people with the same goal.

All I can say, is eat fresh easy food, cut out the junk, but do not deprive yourself of everything at once. I replace junk with fruit, changed from bread to rice crackers, but if I want bacon and eggs for breakfast I have them. Well OK that should be if hubby cooks them I eat them lol

Drink lots of water, I can understand that you would not feel like exercising when you get home from work. I have been a bit slack lately and I do not work.

All the best and don't forget to check in here when needed.

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