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Hi I'm Tanja from Vic

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Hi I'm Tanja from Vic

Postby PrettyInspiring » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:22 pm

Hey Everyone I'm Tanja and thought I would share my journey with you so far and introduce myself.

I have always struggled with my weight since my teens from being Overweight at highschool getting called barge-arse to becoming Anorexic due to all the horrible taunts they used to give me. Then I thought I had met the man of my dreams he would I thought take me away sweep me off my feet but boy was I wrong he turned out to be the opposite. He took great pride in rubbing in the fact that he could get any woman he would flirt with them in front of me if I said something I was in for a belting when we got home, or he would stop the car and make me walk telling me I was a fat heffer (now when this was happening I was no where near overweight)

I hid everything from my family I had become very good at hiding the bruises and if they asked I used to scream back at them that nothing was wrong. I bottled up inside I believed everything he would say he had brainwashed me to think that the people around me were the problem and I loved him I thought he was my one true love.

We had 2 children and 1 on the way that’s when things became even worse I found out he started to take drugs and the violence was becoming more often at one point I thought I had lost my youngest he had hurt me that bad that I was getting stomach pains its a true miracle that he is here. After that I knew it was time I needed to get out I was sick of the cheating the abuse he was giving me I wanted no more the only problem was I had no idea how. With only 10 days til Christmas he came home to tell me that he had met a new woman but before he left he left one more reminder of who he was. I was black and blue with 2 children and pregnant but safe finally.

That night I knew I would never ever let myself get into a situation like that again and I created a shell the engulfed me and I turned to food to comfort me even more. I created a shell I didn’t want any man near me I never realised what I was doing until later on in my journey that this shell I was building was to protect me and I let it get out of control.

Over the next few years I found out my children were Autistic my daughter Natashja was the first one to be diagnosed she never spoke and wouldn’t walk I just thought she was a late bloomer until I had an appointment with the health nurse she saw Natashja rocking and was quite concerned and referred her to scope. 2 years later I found out that my oldest Jordan was autistic, then last year I found out my youngest Xzavaier was also autistic I always knew he was but didn’t want to know. They also have other needs as well they all have Pragmatic Speech where they say words in the wrong order (if its hot outside they will say its cold). They have AD/HD this just makes life more interesting. Anxiety problems I can even walk out the door to the mail box without them being scared I wont come back. And then Jordan was diagnosed with Tourettes last year.

So lets get back to 2009…..

The day that shocked me

In September 2009 I went to a birthday party for my niece and my brother who was looking for a new hobby took my camera off me to try it out before he went to buy himself one. I was always the girl behind the camera taking photos mainly it was of my artwork and also I did take profile photos but I was in control of that. He really got into taking photo of the fauna and the people at the party then I realised he was taking photo’s of me I hated him I pulled faces gave him the finger you name it. Then we got home he still had my camera and decided to look at the photo’s he had taken and as I was watching him go through the photo’s I couldn’t believe my eyes was that really me I couldn’t possibly be that big. I was more then upset I was disgusted with myself how the hell did I let myself get like that here I was a size 26 in tops and 28 in pants.

Once again I step on to the scales I hadn’t weighed myself since the start of 2009 I was around 130 then I had gone out and bought shakes and soups it was my new years resolution but like so many of us out there I couldn’t stick with it I lasted 3 days and went out and got take out and thought why bother. So I took a deep breathe and step onto the scales thinking I would still be what I was at the start of the year I was devastated I weighed in at 141 kilo’s I had never cried so much in my life I couldn’t even bear the thought to tell anyone what I weighed so I just said I weighed 130 kilo’s I just couldn’t tell them I kept it to myself until later.

I knew I had to change not only for myself but for my children if I kept doing what I was doing I would be dead then who would look after them. I was more determined then ever to stick with it I got out the shakes and the soups I had brought already and began my journey to a knew me. I changed everything I cut down the coffee stopped eating the chips and biscuits and the take away. My breakfast was a shake I added berries or other fruit. Lunch was soup with a baby size bowl of salad. And dinner was still the same as everyone else but would eat it off the children sized bowl or plate and a bowl of salad. The first week just on 7 kilos gone the 2nd week brought almost 5 kilos I couldn’t believe it all the crap I must’ve been eat to think I lost that much by the time it got to January I join a gym I weighed in at 115 kilo’s I was feeling fantastic I signed up for there challenge they were having in February and my start was 109 kilo’s I was so excited. As part of this challenge I was giving weekly Personal Trainer and after the challenge I kept up with it.

Then the worse thing happen in weight loss the Plateau my body decided after all that rapid loss it went into shut down for over 9 months I was going from 95 kilo’s back up to just over 100 kilo’s it was so hard not to give up I thought about it so many time I had my moments where I would just eat what I wanted then decided that I needed to stick with it. I changed gym’s thought a change would help then in in March I saw a little link for Michelle Bridges 12 week Body Transformation it was too late to sign up but I was able to register my interest for the next Round. I am not completely sure when the email arrived for the pre season I was very hesitant but I signed up. I was amazed at the pre-season task she had given us everything the gym had been trying to say to me finally made sense it was like a light bulb going off and weight started to come off again.

12 weeks later 13.7 kilo’s lighter I couldn’t believe it I managed to break the plateau for the final we drove to Brisbane 5 adults, 6 kids and a newborn baby my sister came to the workout and dinner with me I wore her like a security blanket I wasn’t letting her go anywhere I didn’t know anyone I was so shy and then it happen my photo at the dinner was up on the screen I had come top 14 I couldn’t believe it. I also got interviewed as well. I signed up again for the 3 round didn’t lose weight but lost lots of cms.

Then around I think August 2011 (might have been July) someone sent me a page out of Women’s Day “Tell us you weight loss story and you can WIN” So I thought why not wont even get in a chance for that I never win anything. I got an email to say they wanted more information, so I told them about being a single mum the children having special needs. Then I forgot about it my daughter got really sick in October and was in hospital with her a while I was in there I was receiving these phone calls didn’t know who it was so left it. Then my mum rang me and said I needed to answer the call as it was Woman’s Day after they rang I found out I was one of the finalist and they wanted to fly me to Sydney long story short I won I was so shocked that I did.

3 years later I have lost 70 kilo’s I have changed so much I am now a Personal Trainer and studying to become a nutritionist. I want to help other achieve what I have I plan on having that finished as soon as possible and to get out there and be inspiring as ever.

My Weight Loss in Total

Start Weight: 141 Kilos
Goal Weight: 65 Kilos
Weight Now: 71 kilos
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Re: Hi I'm Tanja from Vic

Postby admin » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:14 pm

Welcome aboard and hope you can help others along their journey with some great advice.
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