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losing weight 2013

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losing weight 2013

Postby loulabell879 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:32 am

Hi everyone...
So I've set myself a challenge.
I've heard many others make this new years resolution so i thought i might jump in and try it also.
I'm using the next few days to prepare myself. if anyone has any advise for staying on track I would love to hear it :D
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Re: losing weight 2013

Postby Blitz » Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:15 am

Starting the new year with a resolution to change may seem to many people a hiding to nowhere but let me encourage you. I started my journey to lose weight on the first of January 2011and reached my goal to lose 87 kilos 60 weeks later.

The most important preparation is getting your head in the right place before you start. Weight loss is not a wish or a want it is a MUST. You have to convince yourself that failure is simply not an option. It has to be done. Start by writing a list of all the reasons why you wish/want/must lose weight (list the important and the mundane - everything). Then list all the reasons why you shouldn't/don't (you live the fat lifestyle because there are pay offs for you). When you are convinced that it is more important to lose weight...then you are on the road to success.

Be accountable on your journey. Nail your colours to the post. Tell people that you are losing weight. Tell them how much you weigh, what your starting weight was, how much you have lost and how much you still have to lose. Develop a character that is consistent with whom you say you are.

I have a notebook that I call my weight loss book. In it I record my daily weight (you may wish to only record weekly) and list my statistics (starting weight, BMI, goal weight etc). I also listed as many mini goals as I could think of such as mid-way point of my weight loss, percentages of weight loss (10%,20% etc), fractions of weight loss (thirds, quarters etc) and round numbers (10kg, 20kg etc) which were calculated not only in kilos but also in pounds. When I achieved each mini goal I ticked them off and wrote the date next to them. My book always remains open to the monthly page I am on and sits next to the phone for all to see. No secret, my life is literally an open book.

Weight loss is about developing a workable healthy lifestyle for you. That means making healthy sensible choices in the foods you eat. More importantly it means eating normal portions of food not the supersized meals that overweight people think is normal. It also means exercise which should be undertaken slowly at first. My motto in this is, "do no harm". Go hard but don't break yourself. When I started to exercise it was only a 10 minute walk but that was harder than the hour jog that I can comfortably do now. Fitness is something that is built up over a period of time.

To build a new lifestyle will take time. Make small changes at first. Get them right and continue to build on your success. Remember it took years of bad habits and choices to get you the way you are've got to expect it's going to take some time for the healthy changes in your lifestyle to "take" and became second nature.

Wishing you a better future :D
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Lost: 87kg
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Re: losing weight 2013

Postby lifestylechangechick » Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:42 pm

Hi guys
First of all let me say Kim I love your idea of having a weight loss diary, and all the ideas you had to write down in it. I must say that a major parts of my motivation (and im talking about generally) is achieving goals. So it makes sense that if you set as many goals as you can think of (short / medium / long term) then it should help you stay motivated! LOVE IT! Going to get one today :)

Loulabell, mine is also a bit of new year resolution, although admitedly i didn't start until this time last week :) I hope that you do well with it, I've started trying to lose weight so many times but I have noticed a pattern, that each time im in such a rush to drop such a large amount of weight. Not good. This time, im setting myself a goal to lose 30kg by 1st September 2013, and then to use next year to tone up. I have to say, Kim's massive 87kg loss is staggering, and a great inspiration for all of us 'resolvers' :)

Good luck with your weightloss! I hope that we can both find a way to be successful this year :)
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