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My intro

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My intro

Postby Iwillbefit » Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:08 pm

Hi everyone,

I actually posted in another section and didn't know about this section here at all.

Anyway this is another (ww, j. craig, gym membership x 2) attempt from me to lose weight. I'm a stay at home mum of two young children and have alot of weight to lose. Probably about 35kg - its scary, I've tried so many things before and it was really hard to build up the motivation each time, which just gets harder and harder with every failure.

At the moment I'm sticking to low GI food and pretty much go by the palm of my hand for measurements. One each for protein carb and vege for lunch and dinner and just protein and salad for dinner. In between I'm sticking to fruit and yogurt. I'm kinda sick of buying lowfat foods and still looking like a little whale so I'm just buying the normal stuff. Except for the yogurt, for some reason flavoured diet yogurt just tastes nicer to me:)

As for exercise, I've just bought (literally half an hour ago) a body band so I can do my resistance workouts at home. I will only join the gym (I used to be a fernwood member) when I lose about 15kg prob as a reward for myself, I do walking every day for about 30-40mins but can't do much more as I have problems with my discs in my lower back. This time last year I had lost about 10kg before I got stuck and couldn't move for three weeks but I found out about chiropractic which has been an absolute life saver for me:)

Anyway this is a really long intro but thought I'd throw in my weight loss plan in as well.
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Re: My intro

Postby Iwillbefit » Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:10 pm

Iwillbefit wrote:At the moment I'm sticking to low GI food and pretty much go by the palm of my hand for measurements

I meant breakfast and lunch, and just the protein and vege/salad for dinner :oops:
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Postby KimE » Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:38 pm

Hello Iwillbefit and welcome to the forum.

Looks like you have a great plan of attack and 30-40 mins of walking is an excellent job so don't think of it as not being enough as you are doing a lot right there and your body will be loving it. Keep up the fantastic effort and you will get to your goal. I too love yoghurt, Jalna make a fat free berryfruits which I can't get enough of. :D

All the best on your weightloss journey. :D
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Postby Ally » Sat Jan 27, 2007 3:25 pm

Hey there Iwillbefit and welcome to the sure sounds like a great plan you have devised there. Keep at it and that 35kgs will be gone in no time.

Join in where you feel comfortable!!
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Postby mary_in_adelaide » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:06 pm

Welcome aboard

Sounds like you've got a good handle on things and with the help of all the great folks around here you'll lose that weight in no time at all.
Cheers, Mary

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Postby kate_turner2000 » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:17 pm

welcome iwillbefit and best wishes :)
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Postby Lolly » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:21 pm

Iwillbefit - congrats on taking the plunge into weightloss world. It can be scary at times but you can make it to your goals if you keep at it :D
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Postby Iwillbefit » Sat Jan 27, 2007 4:37 pm

Thanks for the warm wishes everyone, I really hope this time is the time for me to lose weight. As all of you would know, building up the resolve when you've failed before is sooo hard but hopefully this time the outcome will be better.

Kim, I love the Jalna yogurt, I used to like the european creamy one :shock: by dairy farmers but the jalna fat free just tastes better and much more unprocessed.
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Postby Iwillbefit » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:17 pm

Can you edit your posts, saves me doubling up lol.
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Postby SarahC » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:41 pm

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a great plan worked out there, for both the food and excercise. I agree, it gets harder and harder to work up the motivation after each "failure" (read: "learning experience"!!). I think the more failures you have had, the more likely you are to succeed this time, because you have learnt all the ways how not to lose weight successfully :wink: Good luck with it! See you around :D

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Postby CrimsonThunder » Sat Jan 27, 2007 11:25 pm

- Stevo
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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sun Jan 28, 2007 2:43 pm

Hi Iwillbefit and welcome to the forum!
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Postby hushpuppy » Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:26 am

Welcome to the forums
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Postby evilwomaniamshe » Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:52 am

Hello and welcome aboard javascript:emoticon(':lol:')
That is a great name you chose, and if you believe it you can achieve it girl! We all have goals here that we have set for ourselves and knowing that others are here to help you along the way should help us reach our goals quicker! Being we all want the same things (weightloss) we will be a great support for everyone. Happy weightloss journey...
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