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Ready to change my life....for good.

Postby Amie » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:19 pm

Hi everyone, my name is Amie. I am 20 years old and have taken the step towards changing my life. I grew up as the fat kid and when I yurned 17 I decided I would do something about it. I went on a low carb/low fat diets with my mum and I lost 25kgs which was great....but then I went to uni and I ate crap, drank myself stupid and stupidly thinking I didn't have to continue my new eating habits, I put it all back on (and more as an extra bonus) It's hard now because my mum looks fantastic yet I'm trying to go on the same diet, but this time alone. I feel myself craving things and then when I get them I say "well I've already broken out I may as well eat as much crap as I can and then I'll continue the diet tomorrow" This occured about once a month...which turned into once a week, which turned into every two days. I've tried everything to stay motivated but I just can't seem to stick to it. I have vowed that I am going to stick to it this time and I'm hoping i will meet some people who wants to get through this diet with me. We can keep each other motivated and give each other support when we feel like breaking out. So if there's anyone out there that's interested send me a message. :D
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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Wed Jan 31, 2007 4:29 pm

Hi Amie and welcome!
good on you for taking charge of your life and health at sucha manageable age! you will find lots of support on the forum here! I wish you all the best!
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Postby KimE » Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:06 pm

Hello Amie and welcome to the forum.

Well done for seeing things as they are and for doing something about it. There are exercise and weight challenges regularly on here as well as food diaries if you find that will help keep you accountable. Great to have you with us.

All the best on your weightloss journey. :D
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Postby Ally » Wed Jan 31, 2007 5:13 pm

Hi Amie and welcome to the forum! Feel free to join in the challenges on offer to help keep you motivated! It is hard when you have stacked weight back on, but you can do it!
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Postby kate_turner2000 » Wed Jan 31, 2007 6:15 pm

hi amie welcome and join in where and when you feel comfortable :) you can lose the weight again just remember the reasons why you wanted to lose the weight in the first place and what inspires you to do so.
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Postby Simmy » Thu Feb 01, 2007 1:39 pm

Hi Amie! It's great that you've taken the step (once again) to lose weight. Even though its hard without your mum, the suport and encouragement you can get from here is absolutely amazing. I went into this feeling alone, but this has so far proved to be a great experience as I feel like I have a group of friends behind me (and certainly not judging when I slip up)!
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Postby sharmie » Fri Feb 02, 2007 5:31 am

Hi Amie! I'm also a 20 year old (well almost) student who is trying to loose about 25kg. I've always been bigger, or heavier at least, but untill now i've never been motivated enough to try and loose weight. I know how hard it can be going to uni and surrounded by so many choices most of them junk! Its especially bad going to un in the brisbane CBD any junk you could possibly want is only a short walk away :!: Maybe we can support each other? Good luck with your wright loss! :D
Sharmie :wink:

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