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it is fianally time for me

What do you promise to do today to help lose weight?

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it is fianally time for me

Postby Post baby fat » Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:55 pm

2 years ago I gave birth to a little girl. ever since then I've been uncomfortable with my wieght and apperance. In my 1st weeks a pregnacey I weight 72kg and was a size 14-16. now I am 78 kg and a size 16. to be honest, I am still wearing matternity pants!
I'm so embarrest and ashamed of my self. to make things worse I suffer with a real bad back so excersing is difficult. and I am always thinking about my next junk food hit.

The worst thing of all and the thing that makes me really embarrest is that I have been studying nutrition for almost 2 years so I know exactly what I need to eat to help myself out. also because I an over weight I don't like to tell anyone what I'm studdying because the people I have told him the past dont take me seriously.

I promise to my self that this time I am for real. I am not going to fail again. I am sick and tiered of struggleing with my weight and being too tierd to and lazy to play with my daughter.

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Post baby fat
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Re: it is fianally time for me

Postby Ambryi » Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:36 pm

Firstly, congratulations on your little daughter!

I swear, junk food is *so* addictive, isn't it? However when I started 'dieting' I did find after the first few days I looked forward to my yummy salad lunches as much as I previously looked forward to my Nando's/KFC meals. If you can cut out junk for a month, then it is fairly easy to keep it up as you don't get that fatty, fried food cravings. The idea of a strip sub combo used to get my mouth watering, whereas now after a few months 'clean' (hehe :P ) it doesn't interest me in the slightest. The idea makes me feel a little nauseas actually.

All the best with your goals :) Keep us updated on your progress!
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Re: it is fianally time for me

Postby mumnbub » Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:44 pm

It takes 21 days to form a habbit so just concentrait on those 3 weeks to start with. 3 weeks of healthy eating does not sound to hard right? by then your used to eating healthy food and wont be looking for your next junk food hit.
Do you have access to a pool? That would be great for your back and your weight loss, yoga/palaties is also good for the back as it helps to strengthen those muscles.
I know how hard it is to lose weight with a toddler around, mine is 17 months old so i know its easier to get take out some days instead of cooking for yourself but you will learn to love your healthy new life. Eventually you will be out running around with your daughter- i plan on playing football with my son once he is old enough to learn to play (we can learn together as i dont know how to play lol).
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