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My tips.

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My tips.

Postby Mikura » Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:36 am

Well, i have been attempting to lose weight for a few years now.
I have gone from 115 kilos to 96.
All up i have some tips that helped me to where i am today and are still helping me effectively.

1. Water.
I find drinking plenty of water has helped greatly.
I was told that most of your fat passes through with the liquid in your body.
Ive found that drinking water has helped cleanse the toxins and help pull out all the bad in my body.
Tea is also a great way to make water taste nice and is known to supress hunger.
But, you need to have a positive outlook to start with for this to work.

2. Vegies.
Just eat them,
And lots of them.
They make you feel healthier, they prevent many diseases and illnesses, they help your immune system fight harder and your metaboilsm speeds up amazingly when you have a good amount and variety of them.
To be honest, what more could you want!?
Why eat crap, when right in front of you is something that may not taste great but will improve your health, make you live longer, happier and improves your skin.
And since they dont generally have calories at all (and yes this means they must be cooked appropriately, is at all) when you excercise, your burning your fat, and not having to workout just to burn what you've eaten.

3. Positivity and Support.
I have decided that; if i am going to be depressed because of my weight, i really have no right to get depressed when im doing something to fix it.
Being healthy and happy is something to be excited about.
And yes, the thing that hurts most is that i cant have it NOW.
But, guess what? if id have had a more positive outlook the last time, and didnt let my negativity get in the way, technically i would have lost all my weight and would be what i wanted to be by now.
So, be positive and realise that you are doing something now, and the face that you realised something was wrong NOW is a blessing.
Also, you need support, surround yourself with positive people who are doing what you are... striving for a goal, even if their not losing weight.
Make sure that the people around you know what you are doing, so that they know what not to do around you.
You cant blame them for screwing up your diet or excercise routine if you didnt even tell them your on it.
And frankly, if your afriad to tell a friend about your diet because they may make fun of you or make it hard.
Then for now, their not someone you need around.
Most importantly your partner/parents needs to know, and needs to understand what your trying to do.
Their generally the people you see most, and their support is integral in your weight loss.
If they arent 100% behind you, you will lose sight of your goal.

Well for now this is all i can write as i have much work to do.
But i might input some more at another time.
I hope they help.
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Re: My tips.

Postby Cac33 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 11:52 am

Thanks for your tips. I'm also a big believer in positive thinking & the law of attraction & am incorporating it into my weight loss.

Good luck & I look forward to reading about your progress


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Re: My tips.

Postby MissE » Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:16 pm

Good tips, but veges dont have to taste bad!! i love my veg and even when im not 'dieting' ill snack on them. If you dont like green veg, try whipping up a tomato and herb sauce to pour over them, fat free and makes them yummy! Try using garlic and chilli (specially on beans, yum yum!) or lemon juice and cracked pepper.
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