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Postby skinnywork » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:33 pm

Slice two good-sized onions, two tomatoes and two fragaments of garlics into fine pieces, heat up non stick fry pan with two tea spoons of salad oil.

Pour onions into heated oil, add salt and pepper, cover with lid, cooking on medium heat for 5 minutes.

Then add tomato and garlic. Stir well with onion.

At the same time stir two eggs in a bowl, stirred till well mixed, push cooked onion and tomato mix to one side of the pan, then pour in stirred eggs.

After eggs become semi solid, push it to the side and add ready cooked rice.

Turn off heat, leave on electric stove for 5 min to allow rice to heat up.

Serve 1 to 2 persons, because the rice was heated up with the remaining heat of the stove, it won't be too hot.

You can use split beans and black sticky rice mix for better taste and nutrition; add wee bit salt for flavor.

Eggs can be mixed with light cheese or sour cream, taste even better!

Cheese / sour cream doesn't have to be mixed fine with eggs, as can be added later and will melt into the dish.

Original recipe can be viewed at: ... cipes.html
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