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Sunday 13th January

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Sunday 13th January

Postby Fiona25 » Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:03 pm

B/F - coffee no sugar skim milk, a banana, 10 almonds and 5 raw cashews unsalted.

M/T - slim secrets snack attack bar and an apple

L - soy and linseed salad sandwich, no butter with LF chicken and cheese, a nut muslie bar and a big handful of potato chips (a little treat!)

A/T - will be LF yoghurt with a few strawberries

D - Haven't decided yet, need to go shopping.

Total cals before dinner is 1200, so I have some room to move! Might have a naughty but good dinner - homemade pita bread pizza with low fat everything sounds good :D

Water intake as always will be 3ltrs - currently 2ltrs.

EDIT - Ok...I allowed myself a bit of a pigout tonight :oops: I had 1/4 of a homemade pizza with low fat everything, 4 rows of that low carb lite cadbury chocolate (12 pieces) and 150grams of sara lee banana cake! I'm not upset though, I could've stopped myself, but I consciously allowed myself as i've beaten serious cravings the last few days and I know that I won't need another bad meal/pigout for a good week. I'm doing HEAPS of high impact exercise as well as some low impact tomorrow (approx 2-3hrs all up) so i'll burn lots of that off :P

Feeling very satisfied now and looking forward to a healthy tomorrow. I need some fruit though now, feeling a bit sick.
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Saying goodbye to calorie counting AND scales for a while.

Just enjoying the new and improved healthy me and embracing my new lifestyle!
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Postby SarahC » Sun Jan 13, 2008 3:01 pm

Posting now before I completely ruin my day!!! Argh all I want to do is eat :(

Breakfast - Bran protein pancake
Snacks - Low carb chocolate (3 rows), Jarrah chocolate, Pumpkin protein slice
Lunch - Cauliflower patties w. salad, Protein crunch, Diet jelly
Snacks - Low carb icecream (double serve), Almonds x12
Dinner - Tofu and Veg Stir fry
Dessert - A cup of tea (that's all I have the cals left for hahaha!!)
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13 jan sunday

Postby mimosa8 » Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:37 pm

On arising: aloe vera/ minerals

Breakfast: 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup skim milk, 4 almonds, 2 weetbix.

Snack: 4 macadamias, wsabi beans, green tea.

Meal: Half roll with capers, salmon, lettuce.

Snack: protein bar chocolate.

Meal: half a banana with grain bread.

total cals 1250

a good day. makes a difference not having strawbs and almonds handy though. wouldnt recommend the beans. wholegrain is def more filling overall.

water 1.5 Ltr

*I am 60.1 kg today.
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