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Nicks food diary

Share and keep track of what you eat each day to help you lose weight.

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Nicks food diary

Postby mumnbub » Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:50 pm

Decided I should also record my food intake- keeps me accountable. Used to eat pretty much all day long and hardly ever anything good, loved KFC and sausage rolls, I would have a sausage roll every morning when i got to work, that was after having breakfast.

Since starting my weight loss journey I have spent lots of time thinking about what foods work best for me and generally stick to the same sorts of foods each day. But i will record each day anyway :)

So today I had:

B: fruit smoothy with banana strawberries blueberries, whey protein, ground linceeds, youghurt and milk
MT: 1 rice thin with avocado
L: salmon and avo sushi, tendori chicken sushi, chicken and avo sushi
AT: 1 rice thin with avocado
D: chicken topped with can diced tomato, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and zuccini (only just steamed)

I love sushi :) could eat it every day if i had the chance.
The smoothy i have every morning and really makes me feel great! I love it and wont ever change. Saw my doctor today and she said that the smoothy was a great breakfast. She also told me to avoid foods starting with P- potato, pumpkin, peas, should have actually asked why :?
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09/02/09- 79.3kg
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