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B'sgirl's Daily Bites & Beverages!

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B'sgirl's Daily Bites & Beverages!

Postby B'sgirl » Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:23 pm

Well, because I lurve this forum so much I thought I might stick my finger in the Daily Food Diary pie (i.e. thread) & join you all in recording my intake :D

So starting from today, my food diary consists of;

B- Banana CS shake, skim coffee & 2 cups water w/multi, EPO & vit D tablets
S- green apple, 10 almonds + 2 cups water
L- 2 slices Burgen soy & linseed toast w/avocado & pepper, small tin tuna + 1 cup water & a skim coffee
S- 1 ryvita w/cottage cheese & tomato slices, mandarin + 2 cups water
D- Caramel CS shake, large salad w/Paul Newman creamy caesar dressing & zero coke
S- 2 squares Lindt Excellence Dark mint chocolate & a skim decaf

So haven't actually had dinner or my last snack for the day but I typed it up as I'm planning on having this. I'm sooooo looking forward to the chocolate! :twisted:


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