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Sunday 12/11/06

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Sunday 12/11/06

Postby Kylie » Sun Nov 12, 2006 6:54 pm

What ya'll eat today?

I had:

:: Baked beans (med tin, 220g) on 1 WHOLEMEAL toast

:: Vegetable foccacia and salad (was a very bif meal!)
:: 1 can coke zero

:: 1 boiled egg on 2 pieces of wholemeal toast
:: 1 small pack of sultanas
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Postby Ally » Mon Nov 13, 2006 10:35 am

2 pieces of w/m toast with grated cheese

1 roast beef and salad lavash roll up
1 peach

Garlic chicken schnitzel (real chook)
assorted vege (beans, pumpkin, broccoli and cauli)
1 serve potato

1 nectarine
Jalna strawberry l/f yoghurt

Water: (a whopping) 5L

I spent Sunday recovering from the alcohol I had drunk...I had 3 but on sunday it felt like I had drank a dozen!! I was all bloated most of the day and with the bladder infection I felt like rubbish all day. My fingers were like little sausages and my ankles were huge too, I felt all over disgusting!! I ended up having a hydrolyte iceblock in the late afternoon and started feeling a bit better. My fingers and ankles were almost back down to normal size this morning (Monday)!!
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