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My Challenge (need to fit into my old suits again)

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My Challenge (need to fit into my old suits again)

Postby Mummy84 » Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:55 am

Hi Guys,

My challenge is to lose as much weight as possible by the start of May 08.. as well as detox my body of all the fatty foods i have consumed in the last 3 months.. 3 months ago i had a baby and while pregnant i craved for healthy food which was great BUT afterwards all i wanted to eat was JUNK. so my goal is to cut out ALL fatty foods well the bad ones anyways No sodas, NO fried ANYTHING.. i will only eat freash fruit and veg with Chicken breast (oven baked) and Oven baked fish.. i'll get some red meat in me too only beef tho as i dont eat pig (i dunno if this is considered as red meat) I plan to cut out all breads and pastas.. and get my nutrients from things like avacados, greens etc. I tried the 7 day diet a few weeks ago but it was just too hard only eating fruit and veg on specific days.. i hated it and left like i was gonna faint from hunger. the only sugar i will consume will be in my morning coffee which will only be one teaspoon.. all i'll drink is water.. i think about 2 litres will be enough throughout the day.. i'll have a big breakfast and then 2 small meals after that. I'll walk for 30mins a day and skip rope for 10 mins a day.. (this is a very big difference to now as i dont do anything)

My hasband is going to go crazy with only healthy foods but oh well he'll just have to get used to it.. WISH ME LUCK.. I think i'll need it!!
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