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Work is my biggest weight loss challenge!

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Work is my biggest weight loss challenge!

Postby evmo » Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:56 pm

Anyone else find that work interrupts your ability to lose weight?
Maybe I'm just bored - I work as a marketing Manager for a property developer....and sitting at a desk all day makes me want to eat just to get away from my desk!
I've had to stop myself so many times from taking choc biscuits from the cookie jar - I leave my desk, go to the kitchen, open the cupboard and then realise that I'm about to eat 100 calories!!!...and shut the door to make a cup of tea!...

Oh and don't get me started on the sitting at a desk all day! I wear a pedometer and i've had days where my step count is under 2,000!!! The goal is 10,000 per day!

Perhaps I'm just whinging cause it's time for a new job and the frequent visits to the kitchen are an indicator :-)
Sadly, I'm constantly repeating my mothers "words of wisdon" to myself - " a minute in your mouth and then straight to the hips"...or something like that - she's from Eastern Europe so I don't think she quite got the translation right!!! :P

So I guess my question to all you struggle to lose weight at work?
(Cause I'm fine on the weekends! Healthy and conscious eating all the way!!!)

5kg goal - 25th Nov 2008
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Re: Work is my biggest weight loss challenge!

Postby Ambryi » Thu Nov 20, 2008 1:22 pm

I am *exactly* the same - weekends I have no problems sticking to my calorie intake (except if I have a particularly big night on the booze, which isn't often :roll: ) but Monday-Friday office hours are my biggest challenge. Theres biscuits in the tea room, TWO lots of choclolate/lolly fundraiser baskets @ the front of the office (less then 3 metres away from my desk...) kool mints/fruits bowls placed around the entire office... and birthday cake every few weeks. I whenever I'm bored, tired, stressed or whatever I just sit at my desk and think about food.

For me, I think the problem was that before I started full time work I had a very busy lifestyle - rushing from school to my part-time job, being social, hectic, busy. I was used to grabbing something when I was hungry. I didn't always make great food choices, but generally I wasn't too bad and because I just 'pecked' throughout the day I didn't overeat. So I started full-time office work 18 months ago in the same frame of mind, only previously I was too busy to think about food, now I sit at my desk and think about it all day.

The way I overcame it (and I'm still in the process now, even though I'm using the past tense :) ) is by being very strict with having only 3 meals a day, plus an optional fruit or yoghurt snack when I leave work. I know a lot of people recommend "grazing" throughout the day rather then eating 6 solid meals, but it just doesn't work for me in my current situation.

To start off with, I ate breakfast in the morning, followed by fruit/yoghurt @ 9am, lunch @ 12.00pm, snack @ 4.30-5.00pm and dinner around 7pm - I cut out the 9am fruit and cut down the afternoon snack to only 1 piece of fruit or 1 yoghurt if I was hungry for it. I was pretty hungry for the first few days but now am more used to it :) Cutting down on sugar (kool mints/choccie) was one of the hardest parts, and to be honest I'm still struggling, particularily with the kool mints.

Anyway, I hope the above might help you out a little too - best of luck with the weightloss! :D
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