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NewYear NewMe

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NewYear NewMe

Postby NewYear NewMe » Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:47 pm

I want to be the best person i can be. For Me

I have been sitting here trying to figure out what to write, How to start off. So i thought i would just jump straight into it.

Im 25 and living in melbourne. I am here because i am wanting to improve my life and my health.

It Feels like i was only Skinny for one day.
Back in Jan 2007 i went from 118kg to 71kg
I did it by Hard work, Will Power, Time Management . I had the drive about me. I had a thirst to achieve. I felt like Xena the Warrior Princess. I wanted my mind, body and spirit to feel powerful. Health Eatting and exercise

In the last 12 to 18 months i have gain all my weight back. I am currently 122.5kgs. i have lost the spark, i have lost that Glow.

So as i reflect back, it truely only feels that i was skinny, and in a health mindset for one day. (it seems so long ago)

From every negative there is always a positive.
The reason for my weight gain, is because i had my heart broken.
I was in a point in my life, where i felt confident, sexy and felt great about Being ME. I finally loved me.
Then i got my heart broken. I was Betrayed.
I let my emotions rule my life, I took the betrayal so personal, I felt like i was ugly, i didnt feel good enough. I did not speak to anyone about my heart break for a long time. I kept it in, I turned to food.
In the last 18months i have gain 50kilos

I am not proud of this, However it has happen and I am going to Change it.
Enough IS Enough. I am so stubborn, pig headed and i match up to my star sign, Taurus. hehehehe - I need to kick my own Butt and get real about me.

The positive things i have learnt from this experience is that i am now aware that in life - sh*t will Happen. The unexpected will Happen.
I have learnt the importance of keeping me fit and healthy.
Define Health ? Define Beauty ?
The society we all live in, shapes peoples idea on what beauty is. The Mags and ultra thin models are perceieved as beautiful, and they have right to think so.

I guess what im trying to say is, we need to define our own beauty, Never compare our own beauty to any one else,
never ever.
You are not them, you are you and beauty lies within you, just need to put your best foot forward, believe in yourself, and find that beautiful place within you.

A very special person said to me, that they love me no matter what. 18months ago, when they seen me get off the plain, walk down those steps and walk towards them, they seen that glow, they felt it. They said the glow was all around me. My mindset was confident, positive, This person said to me that when i got off the plain and walk towards them with the sun shining down upon me, They seen that glow. He said it was amazing and the happiest that he has ever seen me. I was confident, i looked great and i felt great within. It really did shine from the inside out.

This person, was my Dad. I caught a plain back home in 2006 visiting my family for my brothers 21st birthday, I hadnt seen my parents for 6months, then in November2006 i returned back home to a small country town, where my mum and dad were waiting for me. My dad seen me get off the plain and he seen and felt that glow straight away.
My mum was funny,(she is so cute) she was saying to dad, where is she? i cant see her!!!! My dad said, she is right there, right in front of you, walking towards us
After a second or two, mum spotted me.

This means so much to me, Because dad had told me what he saw in me that day, My folks have always been proud of me, My parents are truely my best friends. I have always been able to talk to them about ANY issue in Life. They have always loved and supported me.
By my dad bringing this to my attention, it makes me remember, how good i felt. I felt free. And he is right, I deserve the best.

We all deserve the best. . . .
We can do it, As a Wise person said to me. There is no such word as CAN'T
Its Mind over Matter

Think With Your heart.

First Goal - To lose 15kg + by end of May 2009

How can this be Achieve - Healthy Eatting - Exercise - Drinking Water - Keeping a journal.-

Peace Out
Keep Smilin

The Glow
NewYear NewMe

Starting weight 122.5 Not for much longer

My Action Plan . ...

Reduce the amounts of unhealthy food.

Eat More Fruit and Veg

Drink more water - Drink water with every meal.

Cut soft drink out of my Diet.

Think positive thoughts before i go to bed.

Plan Plan Plan

Every night before bed, Write in my diary what i plan to eat for the next day.

Plan to exercise -

Pack gym bag to take with me in the morning to work, so when i finish work i am organised to go to gym. Remember sweat towel, water bottle, ipod.

Time Management.


Will Power

Just remember, the more I move the more fat i will lose.

Think, live, breath, become the new me.

Be Selfish and allow my time, do look after myself, make good choice for me.

Learn to love myself again


Unlock those paddlocks

I am responsible for everything that happens to me

I have the power to better me

Things we get us down ONLY if we give them permission too.

Forgive yourself

Let go

Have Vision

Set High goals.

Nothing is impossible, Everything is possible

Become your own bestfriend

Never let yourself suffer, ever again.

I dont have control over this world, however i have control over me.

Dont hide

Its ok to be scared, for im only protecting me, thank you

Be brave, and fight for whats yours.

You deserve it.

Never just settle in life.

Let go of the pains of the past.

Stop hurting/abusing your body

Believe, love and trust yourself

I was 70kgs 18months ago, its not out of reach

Believe Believe Believe

I invite you to share this exeripence.

I can do it.

I want to do it

I will do it.

Lets All do this together. . .

Are you in ? ? ?

Keep Smiling :D
NewYear NewMe
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby starr22 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:48 pm

Wow great post :D Good luck with it all, looking forward to following your progress :D
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby kelvinator » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:26 pm

Fabulous post, read it all-teared me up!
I am also in your position in some ways, felt so great to be thin and then I put it all back on, I was thin for about 2months before things went pear shaped again.

The positive to this is that we've done it before and we will do it again.
Best of luck. :mrgreen:
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby nameir » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:35 pm

:D :lol: u go girl all rite in what u said but remember u and u only can do , believe in ur self
get to the gym and strut ur stuff love ya ur dad ur friend c u in may early 15+ xxx lol :wink:
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby NewYear NewMe » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:56 pm

Hey All

Thank you for all your kind words.

Star22 - thanks for you post. I cant to start posting those before and after photos :o stay tuned

Kelvinator -thanks for ur post. thank you for taking the time to read it all. Ur right what you say, we have done it once before, we know we have what it takes.
A couple of years back i was 115kg - i woke up one morning and i thought enough is enough, i ate healthy and exercise twice a day. i loved it, i felt powerful. I was in a relationship for 4and a half years, and i guess i thought that person would never betray me.
what i did was wrong, i blamed myself- i have learnt and grown to understand that the actions of others are NEVER a reflection of ourselves.

Kelvinator lets do this journey together, Its never to late to start again.

What was ur heaivest ? what did you get down too ?
What are your goals ?

Nameir - i will hit the gym. :lol: thanks for your support. Bring it on i say. Im gonna get that glow back, im gonna strut, i do believe.

Cheers all . . .

Remember, The secret to success is ones determination!!!!
If you want it, You will achieve it!!!!

Keep Smiling
xox NYNM xox
NewYear NewMe
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby Fireball » Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:09 am

NYNM beautiful sentiments. With your positive attitude your glow will return! Good luck with your weight loss and shine on.

"Unknowingly, we plow the dust of the stars, blown about us by the wind, and drink the universe in a glass of rain."
Ihab Hassan
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby NewYear NewMe » Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:29 am

Ello Fireball

ThankYoufor reading my long post. Im just going to take it one day at a time, and if every morning i wake up happy and positive every morning i will reach my goal and create a new healthy life style with me.

I have learnt something bout myself, If i think to much of the big picture (losing 50kgs) i get so overwhelmed, I tend to react like, OH My thats huge, 50kgs, no way.
Thats freaks me out, so i have decided not to think about it, i will have vision of 50kgs, however i will concerate on taking baby steps,
By taking each day as it come, waking up think about the day (positively) Then before i go to bed i think positive about what i plan to eat and my exercise for the next day.

I also have made up healthy food cards, pictures of healthy food images, with positive saying next to the picture like - you are an achiever, you can do it.
flicking through these cards and reading the positive saying, hopefully will reprogram my brain, and makes my brain more attracted to those healthy foods .

I'll give it a go anyway :D

Yesterday was good,

Brekky - fruit

Lunch- half a cup of bake beans and 2 rice crackers

Dinner- 6inch roast chicken Subway

drunk plently of water + 35mins of exercise

take care all

keep Smiling

xox NYNM xox
NewYear NewMe
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby milkyway » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:59 am

What a great intro post NYNM. Really struck a chord with me. I wish you well for your journey and I look forward to reading about your progress.
Just keep moving! And don't be lazy...
SW: 74.3kg - 1/1/09
CW: 71.1kg - 3/5/09
GW 62kg
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby WhyNoShy » Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:05 pm

Well NewYear NewMe, it sounds like you really know what you want from doing this. I'm struggling with my own cravings and I think making your struggle public helps. My only piece of advise, and i should take my own, keep a journal, stick up pictures, do anything it takes to remember why you are doing this!

Best of luck to you... as the Nike add says "Just Do It"

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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby NewYear NewMe » Mon Jan 05, 2009 5:48 pm

Yesterday, Sunday i went to the Weribee Open range Zoo and stayed over night, african Style.

It was blind blowing, i had an awesome exeripence, travelling on a tour bus with 13others, seeing the wild life, then heading back to our camp site, for light refreshments, then a african style bbq - after dinner we settled into ur 5star african tents, absoulutly beautiful. Then around 7.30pm - we all went for a close encounter - Behind the scene -
We spoke to the keepers and seen a Cheeta being feed - up close and personal, the cheeta was only 3metres away from me, Seeing the long skinny legs, small framed body, you could tell her body was designed for running ever so fast. *AMAZING *
Then we went off to the Lions Feeding Pen - Well Well - they are outstanding, Huge, have some really nice photos-
Then we headed back to the camp site, which was on top of a hll, overlooking the Werribee Range Zoo
- We sat by the camp fire, toasting marshmellows ( i only had 2 ) having shits and giggles.

By morning - had a african style brekky, Freshend up - then went off " Behind the scene " with Harry the Hippo . I got to touch harry, and i could not descride what he felt like, lol. however by the picture was taken, im sure if you seen it, you could kinda guess the feeling .

Lol ...

It was an amazing Adventure.

Food Wise, i did the best i could - I didnt go back for seconds - so thats a POSITIVE :D
Lots of walking around the Zoo. approx 1hours +
Drunk 1litre of water .

Tomorrow - Tuesday 6th Jan

I Plan to Eat
Brekky - Tosat x 2 with Veggiemite
Morning tea - Banana

Lunch - ham and chesse roll. (no marg/butter)

Dinner - Desk card size Piece of chicken - With VEGIES

Water Water Water

Packing gym bag, taking ipod, headed to gym after work, for cardio and light weight training.

Take care all

Thank you for all your support.
I am on a Mission

Keep Smiling
xox NYNM xox
NewYear NewMe
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby kelvinator » Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:40 pm

i have a thread in the progress thread which tells all about me, I have 10kgs roughly to lose and although it's not as much as you we are all the same in that the same thoughts and demons visit us to tell us we can't do it... have a read.
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby dolly87 » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:49 pm

Thank you for posting your surpport on my page , what you said bought tears to my eyes and is so true ! good luck with your weight loss and i will keep you posted on mine ! looking forward to seeing all those tickers getting closer to the end!!!
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby NewYear NewMe » Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:46 pm

Hey All

Just checking in . . .

I had another good day today, i am VERY proud of myself

Brekky i had 2 x toast with vegiemite,

Morning Tea - banana
lunch ham n cheese roll

So at work we have a Lollie draw, filled with chocies, and soft gumie lollies and musk sticks , chocolate mates,
I did NOT once even open the draw,

I simply said no to myself, and just stood still for a Moment and said, No you dont need this, You only want this, then i asked myself, why do i want it, ? ? ? ?
Because of habbit, its what i know.

I SAID NO - to myself and put things into perspective and told myself, Saying no to the first lollies is easy, its once you get the first taste, and headed for a second one is when it is hard.

I did not have one . SO proud :D clap clap clap

then i went out for dinner with my lovely boyfriend, to TGI Fridays -

when going there, i am sooooo use to ordering, Starter, small fried calerami, then dinner , chicken BLT with chips, Then dessert, choco fudge brownie, with icecream and choc sauce.

I turned to my boyfriend, and said we are at a crossroad, and it soooo easy to eat bad, We want better for us .
We all have a choice, i said people chose to comment a crime and steal, others chose to up hold the law,

Same with food, We can use the card we have used 1million times , and say - oh its OKAY to have one bad night of eatting per week, "a Treat "

We felt sooooooo good, and i said - Yes we can dine out, but you know what, We can make good choices,


We both order Chargrilled chicken salads, spoke over dinner, enjoyed a Freshing light, but ever so tasty meal, and walked away feeling GREAT - with a smile from ear to ear :D

Didnt feel, full , bloated, Greasy, sloth like, Nothing - Felt Great :D

Resisiting two tempations in one day :D FANTASTIC

I am Teaching my brain n behavior that i will not combine a "treat" and Food together ever again.

I will always think wisely.

I only have one body, i need to look after it. . .

A treat is A facial, for maintain my weight, or losing weight, Thats a treat :D

today i drank around 2ltrs of water n 1 x 30mins walk

Cheers all

Keep Smilin :D

xox NYNM xox
NewYear NewMe
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby nameir » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:24 pm

You Go Girl.....
it good to hear you staying away from the censored food and lollies and i know if you put your mind to something you can do it. and im glad you have relize that food is not your friend now and you are eating the right stuff.... keep up the good work and we are behind you 110% love ya long time.......... Keep Up The Good Work :lol: 8) :P :P :P :P :P
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Re: NewYear NewMe

Postby Alexandra » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:11 pm

Wow, what a lovely post - and a lovely post you wrote for Dolly :D It's got to work from the inside out with right thinking and frame of mind coupled with the education and the right tools which you also have aplenty. I am in no doubt that every single one of those kilos will come straight back off and that jerk won't know what doesn't deserve you or know what he's missing!
Best wishes for your journey - I'll be along side with my numerous numbers to lose also and I look forward to hearing of your successes!

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