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My one week challenge

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My one week challenge

Postby mazz78 » Thu Jul 06, 2006 6:14 pm

Ok, since this is week 1 for me, I am doing baby steps and hopefully will lose some weight this week. I would like to lose at least 1 kilo this week. I am going to go to the gym 3 times, walk on my treadmill 4 times, and try and eat healthily.

I will update daily, anyone want to join me? I am going to start tomorrow (Friday 7/7 until next Friday 14/7).

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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:53 pm

As this is your first week, be prepared that you may not see a result this week. My weight went whacky when I first started. it takes a little while for your body to adjust and to find something that works for you. Even if you don't lose, you should still see it as a success if you stick to your plan.
Good luck and go for it!
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Postby Groovychic » Mon Jul 10, 2006 9:21 am

I suggest you measure yourself ASAP Mazz, because if you are going to the gym you will be sculpting your muscles, and they weigh more than fat! Bugger it all!!! :lol: So in the first few weeks, a lot of people actually gain a little weight, but in fact they look smaller because they have lost cm's. Maybe someone at the gym can do it for you, or you can get someone at home to measure you with a dress making tape. Just keep a record of your measurements and re-measure maybe a month later. And don't get too frustrated if the scales don't move. Its more important how your clothes feel! I wish you every success. :D

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Postby grugwashere » Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:55 pm

this is my first week too, i would like to lose some weight and will probably feel dissapointed if i dont but my hope is that i will become more healthy, i am just trying to change my diet and walk every day, so lets hope....
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