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Postby kate_turner2000 » Wed Sep 27, 2006 7:50 pm

Oh christina!!! that is awesome! i am so happy for you. they sound like excellent choices you have made- after all that shopping i dont blame you for being hungry like a bear! ands its good because they are the type of things you wouldve made at home anyway. sorry you're having a hard time with work at the moment, and i hope thigns get better for you soon.

sooo happy for you!!
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Postby Garfield » Wed Sep 27, 2006 9:42 pm

Aww... sorry guys. I have to quit out of this challenge.
I had maccas tonight with the boyfriend... it's not really as bad as it sounds - he had a large big mac meal AND some other kind of burger. I only had a small cheese burger meal, which worked out in calories about the same as the pasta thing I scoffed for dinner last night.
Anyways, so I stuffed up the challenge tonight, and I'm going out for lunch with friends on saturday, so that will be some kind of fast food as well.
Well done on your success so far Christina.
Sorry I couldn't stick it out with you.
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Postby Puffer » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:56 pm

Well guys, I'm going to have to pull out for now too :oops: I have had to go to Sydney for one of those family emergency deals and I can't *not* go with dad to his favourite restaurant while I am here because he lives by himself with no family around and only ever goes out when we visit, so it's a real treat for him.

I will start again when I get back home (not sure when that will be)
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Postby Ally » Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:03 pm

Oh Christina I hope that everything is ok with your family!

See you when you get back!! Safe travels
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Postby KimE » Mon Oct 02, 2006 1:11 pm

Good luck with all the family stuff Christina and I hope everything is OK.

Take care and catch you when you get back.
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